Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Break

This picture has nothing to do with anything other than I thought it was interesting.

We're one weekend in to our "summer break" which is actually only a 12 total day break from school. My girls go to a year-round school, you see. It's an absolutely perfect arrangement for every conceivable reason except for one: no tuition breaks over the summer. Phooey. But they get a couple breaks that we're looking forward to using to relax.

I simply adore their school. I want to snuggle it up and smooch it all over. I mean, clearly, I must truly love the school to have given hundreds of hours of my personal time to it over the past few months to raise money for the auction. But I do.

Iris's class size and teacher have afforded her a true luxury of taking the time she needs to come to grips with her separation anxiety. It's still not gone. Nine months in to the school year and she still cries at drop-off. But it's a good place to work it all out. She is surrounded with support. Iris insists she doesn't need to go to school because all she does is "play all day". A smile spreads across my face every time she tells me this. Yes, she plays. And learns through her play. Iris is straight up reading now. READING. She just turned six last week and she reads. She reads in front of other people, as well, which, for a kid with anxiety, that just blows my mind.

And Eloise? She has the perfect lead teacher to help her navigate the tricky ways of socializing with her friends. How to use words-- kind words-- instead pushing and hitting. The preschool classes are bigger than Iris's class and again, this is perfect for Eloise. She has more experiences with different kids that way. Coming up in September she will no longer be the baby of the class. It's going to be a treat to see how she moves from being the baby in to being one of the "big kids".

It's helpful to sit and really remind myself of the great benefits of their school when I get frustrated at how, well, crazy broke we are because of it. Every month when Matt or I lament not being able to afford X,Y or Z, I verbally remind one or both of us, it's for our girls. For one of the most important gifts we could give them-- an amazing start at a lifetime of learning.

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  1. I am never sure if I should comment on not when I read parents blogs or comment on'outside school' life topics but I just felt I should say 'something' about this one. I guess I want to say thank you for supporting our/your school so deeply in your work on the auction-that was powerful stuff and I hope yuo expereince some richness in your life because of it. But more than anything I want to say thankyou for entrusting us with your daughters. They are truely remarkable people and have settled into school in what appears to me to be such a meaningful way. Iris has connected, even to me and I think that is to her credit but also to yours for really trusting us in that process-even if you didn't you went with it! I think next year will be her blossoming year. The new stuff will be old and she will be the big kid too!
    As for miss Eloise-that girl could be my sidekick anyday. She rocks-really. Her tanacity is a valuable asset and will serve her well in the future-it serves her pretty well now actually!!! and she really has settled into the classroom-I can't wait for her to be the one teaching the new kids the rules, she takes it so seriously and will be such an understanding leader for them. They are both such classic CSWS kids-they 'fit' here.
    I know money is always a struggle, there's not much I can say about that, except that I understand, I really, really do.

    So that's it-just wanted to connect in your world.
    Now maybe we could use that nutrition background of yours to help me come up with some affordable baked goods-gluten/dairy/egg free we could purchase from you for school snacks???????


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