Tuesday, June 01, 2010

<---- You see that, over there?

I decided to keep an exercise log here on my blog. At least for a little while.

Every time I set a goal for myself I find it best to log it somewhere in a public place. Even if no one sees it, it feels like it keeps me more accountable to the goal because someone could. When I was exercising more to be at a healthier weight for my wedding it really helped quite a bit, so I'm emulating that here. I wish I hadn't deleted it from my wedding blog, it would probably serve as a great motivation!

So why am I doing this?

My reasons are probably identical to just about anyone trying to lose weight: I want to look better and increase my overall level of health. But I'm not ashamed of my shallowness, the biggest reason is to look better.

I am very tall-- six feet even. I've always been "big boned". For most of my adult life I've hovered somewhere between sizes 10 and 14 without actively doing too much to change that. Since having two kids my body, like the body of everyone who isn't a movie star or supermodel, changed for the worse. My tummy has never been flat, but it's downright lumpy and flabby now. When I worked at losing weight for my wedding I spent several months at it and I think I lost maybe 15-20 lbs. and got to a size 8/10. Ideally that would be my goal now, but instead of focusing on the numbers of the scale I'll focus more on fitting back in to most of my clothes.

That summer, you see, I bought a bunch of new clothes. New clothes that are sitting in my closet untouched since that summer. I stopped caring about eating right and exercising shortly after the wedding and by the time the next summer rolled around nothing fit me anymore. Funny how that happens.

What are the steps I'm taking? Well, they worked well for me before, so I'll do them again:
  • 1000 minutes of exercise per month. Included in this is going to be more swimming and work specifically on my abs. No substitute for crunches every night!
  • No eating after dinner time except for on the weekend.
  • No sweets except for very special occasions. Luckily this will be easier for me since I'm gluten-free right now and for the most part the sweets I come across are cakes, cookies, etc.
  • Making healthier food choices. Instead of eating beans with a pile of chips, I'll eat it with a corn tortilla, for example. Nothing huge, just being more aware.

Last time I also put a huge sign up on my fridge to remind myself that looking hot at my wedding was more important than stuffing food in my face. It worked! Ha ha. I don't have a specific goal in mind this time, which makes it a little different, but I'll come up with something. A prize I win if I get to my two-summers-ago size. Any suggestions? Stuff that has worked to motivate you in the short-ish term?

So wish me luck! Track my progress to keep me on track or maybe even join along?

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  1. I'm trying to do the same thing (well ... as always). I've started jogging a few times a week - like on the way from taking EJ to school, instead of walking back. I also think the stress of house buying may burn some calories for me too!


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