Thursday, July 01, 2010

Remember that novel?

Well, my novel definitely took a back seat to the rest of my life for the last couple of months. I haven't written a page on it or looked at it in a while. Tonight I decided to print off some of the pages to start reading, just to see where I was at.

I have given myself permission to not worry about working on it over the summer if I didn't have the head space to do so. It feels better to work on it when I am inspired to rather than force myself to write just so I am. I know some people think you should write at least a little every day, but I guess I don't really feel that way about it. I do think about the story every day. I think about the scene where I left off-- literally I stopped writing in the middle of a scene. The characters just hang in that spot in my head, waiting for me to return and finish writing their fate.

This summer I wanted to rest more. To read more. To work outside more. I am sort of doing those things, but mostly I'm just parenting more. Which is good, too. Parenting without shoving my children aside in order to accomplish anything else. It's pretty nice to do that once in a while!

The one thing that is constantly on my mind, however, is what to title my novel. I though the perfect idea would randomly jump out at me. Now, roughly five months after beginning it, I have no idea. Not even ONE. I'm imagining myself sitting on a completed manuscript, ready to pitch it to agents, just waiting on a title to appear out of thin air!

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  1. I totally remember your novel! Just the other day I was wondering to myself if you'd finished and I'd missed hearing about it. I'm totally psyched about your novel and look forward to reading it one day!


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