Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Today is my anniversary. Two whole years of wedded bliss. That's like 14 in Hollywood years, right?

Those of you doing the math at home know we had two children before we married. And probably deduced that we lived together for a while, too. It's true. We do things backwards around here.

Matt and I went on a really fun date Saturday night to celebrate, thanks to his sister babysitting for us. Hooray! We ate a decadent gluten-free and vegetarian dinner at Cafe Flora (seriously, go check out their menu!) and then off to Cinerama to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. A cute, but long, movie and an amazing theatre. If you live in Seattle and haven't been to Cinerama, well, run real quick to see Scott Pilgrim before the end of the month or you'll have to wait until November after they've renovated a few things.

The one thing Matt and I noticed that the past two years have been by far the easiest of our entire relationship. We like easier. Easier suits us well. Some would call it boring, but shhhhh. Boring is okay, too.

I love Matt to pieces. He has supported every single hair-brained idea I have ever had. Enthusiastically, in fact.

When I told him I was going to write a novel, he was thrilled. He has read every draft I have ever put in front of him, expertly editing when I ask and offering praise and constructive criticism along the way.

When I told him I wanted to look in to home schooling Iris he listened carefully, asked lots of questions and stood behind all of my reasons for doing so.

When I did my elimination diet and eventually went gluten-free he carefully prepared food for me, helped choose restaurants I could eat at and supported the difficult dietary demands.

He has always 100% stood behind my desire to stay home with the girls. Of course, he appreciates the work load I take off of him in doing so, but if I wanted to go back to work, he would support that, too. He would dutifully take on even more chores, cooking duties and childcare after working stressful 12 hour days.

I can tell you for sure my husband doesn't know how much I appreciate how hard he works for our family. Because there aren't enough words to express it. It's so hard on him to be travelling and spending long days at the office, but he does it all for us.

I love you babe. Thank you for being my partner(officially) for the last two years. I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives! Let's work on having more fun dates like Saturday, okay?

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  1. awwww, happy anniversary, you two! I'm so glad that it has come full-circle and ya'll are going stronger than ever and things have "settled in." soon as Allan and I got married it was so much easier for us, too. LOVE IT!


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