Monday, August 16, 2010

Making progress!

So remember that exercise log I put up a while back? And tearing it down a month and a half later because it just wasn't working? Despite the exercise I was doing and the way I was eating, I wasn't losing weight.

The past few weeks I have been swimming two-three times a week and still maintaining a reasonably careful diet-- not eating after dinner. Not over-eating. Very few sweets. Very few snacks that weren't fruits or vegetables. I eat so many less carbs now that I don't eat gluten. I have been feeling in my body like the new efforts were working, but wanted to see some proof.

Being as that we don't own a scale, I needed to set up the Wii Fit to check my weight. Imagine my surprise when this morning the Wii Fit told me I weight 12 lbs less than the last time I checked in and that my BMI had dropped over a full point! Of course, the machine was quick to remind me I'm not at my goal of a BMI of 22. It has probably been about three or so months since I last weighed myself with Wii Fit.

Finally, finally!, I've found the thing that works for me.


  1. Good for you! Be sure you're incorporating plenty of calcium (milk, milk products or through supplements). It may sound silly, but I noticed a big difference for myself last time I was trying to drop weight just by adding more calcium in addition to what I was already doing :)

  2. Yay you!! I'm glad you found something that is working for you and making you feel great!


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