Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My blogiversary

Oh man, I can't believe I missed my five year blogiversary! It was the beginning of August in 2005 when I started this here blog. It has gone through three different names, the first of which was "Adventures of an AP Mama". I grew to hate the title, thinking I needed to buck the whole "AP" title, so I looked for something new. My sweet friend Kim suggested the name "Weezie Doo and Icey, too!" which I simply adored. At the time, those were the nicknames of my daughters. In fact, I loved the name so much, Matt and I took it and used it for a (short-lived) blog we co-authored and I re-named this blog what it is today. The only reason I decided not to take the name back when that other blog fizzled was because those nicknames faded out of preference.

Not surprisingly, I want to change the title again. Despite the fact that it never seemed like I would never, ever, not be nursing ever again, here I am. Almost a year out of weaning my last baby. I am no longer an active "milk maker". But that isn't the point of this post.

The point of this post is to pat myself on the back and say "Job well done! You stuck with it!" This blog has been nothing else but my place to brain dump. I've learned along the way to be veeeery careful what information I put on here, but overall, it still lives to serve that purpose. Mostly the brain dumps come in the form of some information about my girls or being a mother, but not always. I've sobbed about the deaths of pets. Fretted over rough transitions in my relationship. Spilled my excitement and exhaustion over getting married. Shared the nervous anticipation of buying a house and the joy and pain of moving.

In the time that I have started this blog I have watched other blogs sprout up that have become insanely popular, gathering hundreds of followers and have become quite the spring board for many adventures for their authors. I won't lie and say I'm not jealous, because a tiny part of me is. A tiny bit. But mostly, I just keep chugging along. I have no idea who reads most of the time, unless I get comments. The comments are few and far between-- and that's okay!-- but it sort of just helps me stay in my little bloggy bubble. I know some of you have been reading almost since this blog's inception. For that, I deeply thank you. I've met some incredibly amazing mamas, online and in real life, because of this blog.

I do wonder how long I will keep writing here. I feel at some point I won't want to be spewing stories and pictures publicly about my girls if they don't want me to. Already Iris grimaces at me if I tell her I posted something about her on Facebook or here. I do know that if/when I shut the blog down, I'll get a printed copy of it. There's a lot of random stuff here, but it's a pretty damn good of my and my girls' lives for the past few years. Hopefully there are some gems in here somewhere that my girls will want access to some day. Who knows?


  1. Congrats on 5 years! Woo hoo! Its funny the transitions and changes a blog can take over the course of a few years. I definitely hear you on limiting the kid posts as they get older -- I am sure I will feel the need to do that soon (I guess I'm doing a bit already, with Emma).

    I hope you keep at it for awhile yet, though!!!

  2. Happy blogiversary! That's quite the accomplishment. I've had my personal blog for a long time but not really known what to do with it. I think it's cool that you have this online record of your life. Making it into a book sounds perfect. I wrote a post on comparing some of the blog to book options, which I would link to if I weren't on my phone and way too lazy. (Like, seriously, swyping this long a comment is taking it out of me -- how do you young people do it?). Anyhow, congrats! Oh, just realized my blogiversary is Sept. 11. Thinking about pretending it's some other day...


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