Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, I did it!

Every time Matt leaves for a work trip I freak out a little bit. I used to freak out a lot, like A LOT--hand me my valium!, a lot. But now, only just a little. This time he was gone for six days. And you know what? We survived just fine. It gets a little easier every time. You know what made this time super amazing and awesome?

I hired a babysitter.

People, in the last 4+ years that Matt has travelled for work, I have never straight up hired a babysitter to help. There was the short stint when Eloise was about 8 months old (and Iris was almost three) that I had semi-competent mother's "helpers" come, but that was it. This time I had three hours on three different days of glorious me-time. I went swimming and did errands. I washed the car. I drank coffee and edited my novel.

I'm getting pretty decent at this. And so are the girls. We fall in to a routine and for the most part we do okay. Still learning about what kinds of activities are best for the three of us, and it does seem that busier is better, but it's sooooo much easier than it used to be. Thank god for that. Pretty soon Matt is going to be gone for the better half of a whole month, ohmahgah, but I'll be ready. Plus my girls will be back in school, so there's that!

It's funny, the number one thing I am scared of when I think about starting homeschooling is what the heck will I do when Matt is gone. And you know what I figured out? I'll hire a babysitter. It's that easy.

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  1. That's great! I raised my daughter by myself and it took me a while but I finally figured out that the best think I could do for my daughter was to take time for me every now and again.


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