Thursday, August 05, 2010

Well, lookie!

Thanks to the unanimous feedback I received, I switched over to Google reader. Guess being stuck in my ways doesn't always work so well, huh?

I filled up my reader with all of my current favorite blogs and a few of the ones I could remember that I wanted to follow but wasn't able to. Slowly but surely I will update my reader with all of the other blogs I have been wanting to follow!

In addition, I was able to use Google reader to update my blog list over on the side bar. This is a list of all of the blogs I have in my reader. It is sorted by the most recently updated but I might change that. If your blog isn't over there, please let me know so I can start following you!

Thanks again for the awesome feedback ya'll!


  1. I love Google Reader though I just don't understand if you need a login for it why it won't work with private Blogger blogs. Grr!

  2. I use Google Reader, too. The only things that get me down are occasional glitches (but I won't go into the boring details there) and the fact that it always, always reads that I have "1,000+" unread posts. Yes, even Google Reader gets tired of counting after awhile. Sigh.


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