Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What I'm up to

So, so very much to say.

  • I took down my exercise log. It hadn't been updated in a while, not since I discovered it wasn't working for me. Usually tracking my progress works really well to meet a goal, but not this time. I am now swimming twice a week and hope to bump that up to three or four times.
  • In it's place I added a quote that a friend posted on FB. It really struck a chord with me. Another thought that resonated with me was because of a conversation with a new friend. We discussed how amazingly different children from the same two biological parents with the exact same upbringing can be; case in point, Iris and Eloise. Not only do I want to be the mother to my girls that they need, but the mother that EACH of them needs, in their own way.
  • Last night was Seattle's Night Out, where each block could host a block party across the city. I organized the first our street has had in at least a decade. People weren't quite sure when the last one was. It caused me a huge amount of anxiety, but I knew it was important to do. Despite only about 25% of our neighbors coming out, it was so very much fun. I am glad we did it and look forward to next year. Matt keeps saying I'm a community organizer, but I say I'm not. I only force myself to be because no one else is doing what I want to see done. See the difference? Kinda blurry, I guess
  • Last week our family went to Yakima for three nights. It was the most fun trip we have ever taken there. Yakima is where Matt's parents live, so we go over quite often. I met an old friend of Matt's, re-connected with two others, held a tiny five pound baby, watched my children swim and cannonball and laugh, marvelled over a freak hail storm, napped, slurped on Hawaiian shaved ice, worked on editing my novel, ate yummy food, went on a date to see Eclipse with my husband. Pretty much every awesome thing that ever was happened on that trip.
  • I have begun working on my novel again, with earnest trepidation, if there is such a thing. I put it down for a very long time, but always keeping it in the back of my mind. I printed off the first 100 pages and curled up wherever I could and made my edits in pencil all over the pages. It was both exhilarating and dis-heartening. There were many edits and many places that I need to re-write. But also? It remains an amazing story. And there were some really beautiful parts in it that I was proud of. I'm no Stephenie Meyer, but I am getting this teenage angst thing down, I think.
  • Speaking of Stephenie Meyer, I have a review of Twilight Saga: Eclipse that I'm working on. Matt asked if he could post it on his site, NadaMucho. I also recently learned about the leaked manuscript for Midnight Sun, which is the telling of the Twilight story from Edward's point of view. I am almost done reading it (she posted it on her website) and wow, that woman can describe the hell out of the most mundane things. While an incredible talent, I did find some parts of the story daunting to wade through. I just wanted to ask, can't the character simply walk across the room for chrissakes? Why is it always a production? Anyways, I am still a huge fan. I doubt Stephenie ever used the word "huge" to describe a single thing in any of the eighty bajillion pages in any of her novels.
  • Eloise's behavior has been, um, interesting, the past week or so. Much more clingy and grumpy and sleepy. I wonder if it's part of almost turning four. I have heard several times about how much transition children are in around their birthdays, so I do wonder if it's that. We're throwing a big bash in the park for her birthday, which should be fun. Yet another party to plan! I also came up with the idea of hosting a potluck for all of the new families in Iris's class. Trying to pawn most of that job off on someone else, though. Maybe that's the secret behind being someone who organizes other people. Delegate!
  • One last thing: I am often frighteningly behind in catching up with my favorite blogs, but have run up against a new problem. I read blogs through Bloglines, which is a feed reader. Lately many of the blogs I want to follow say that they don't provide a feed. It is incredibly frustrating because I know I will never remember to physically go to each of those blogs and read them. I rarely even click through in Bloglines to read a post on it's original site. Am I missing something? Is there a better feed reader I should be using?


  1. I love Google Reader- using it now, as a matter of fact!

  2. 3rd-ing google reader! that's the only way I keep up with any blogs (including yours, lol)

    You have been insanely busy! Sounds like all fun though, good for you!
    Jen in MI

  3. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND... another vote for Google Reader!


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