Monday, September 06, 2010

Oh Labor Day.

I'm tard. Not tired, but tard. What a fun long weekend. I think we need one of these every single weekend, don't you agree?

As a family we relaxed played, cleaned, ate, shopped, wrote and today we all attended Bumbershoot. It was officially my ninth year being a part of the music festival. NINTH?!?! How is that possible? I went to my first one in 2002, briefly. I forget who we even saw, I went with my new-ish boyfriend. You may know him, he's my my husband now. We got hitched.

Every Bumbershoot is a little different. Some have been spectacular, some of have been spectacularly awful. All, it would seem, are memorable, except for that first one!

Today we showed up in time to catch Bobby Bare Jr's set at 12:30 then rushed on over to see Trampled by Turtles right afterwards. It was during the TBT set that I discovered OMG PRESS GETS FREE STARBUCKS THIS YEAR!!!! I forgot to mention that we go every year as "press". I use that term loosely. I was the "photographer" and the only shots I took were with my phone. BUT Matt's webzine does actually report on Bumbershoot every year, so we get press passes.

Bobby Bare Jr.

That's my friend Erik in the green hat.

After the FREE LATTES! we bought some tickets for the girls to ride some rides in the Fun Forest. The rides are all made for pretty little kids, with Eloise being just barely big enough to ride on most them without an adult. She begged, and begged, and begged to go on the roller coaster. It was a kiddie coaster, but still, it got some speed. A step up from those cars that just drive slowly in a circle. Iris said she wouldn't go on it, that she wanted to go on rides that she felt "safe" on. Wise child. I decided to let Eloise go on the roller coaster alone. Like, completely alone. She wanted to. She walked right up and handed the man her tickets and sat right down in the first car. The look on her face it came around the track after the first spin was absolutely priceless, something half-way between terrified and elated. Matt, myself and our friend who was with us were all laughing hysterically, like couldn't breathe laughing. I was sure Eloise was going to start crying, her face broke in to a huge grin and she was absolutely on cloud nine. That crazy kid.

Obviously not the roller coaster.

After the rides we got to see The Thermals play for a private KEXP show that was broadcast live on the air. It was nice to sit down and rock out from the comfort of a padded bench. The girls listened and bobbed their heads the whole time. It was so cute. Their daddy is really raising them to be music lovers and I LOVE that.

After The Thermals it was off to the kids area in the Center House. The girls played with cool playdoh, did some kids yoga and painted in the style of some of the masters, most notably Jackson Pollock. We had to drag them out of there at that point because it was close to 6:00 and Matt and I were hungry and had run out of steam.

Look at that pose!

Splatter painting = awesome.

This year was by far our best Bumbershoot with kids in tow. We never rode rides before or got to do special kids projects. The kids never sat through three whole sets before, either. Of course, the FREE STARBUCKS didn't hurt too much to help us all through the rainy afternoon!

*All pictures taken with my phone. I did mention I was there on a photographer's pass, right?

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  1. I thought I commented the other day on this?? My mind is slipping. :) I love the yoga shot.


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