Saturday, October 23, 2010


Eloise has a knack for using the things I say against me.

For example, we'll be at the store and she will be holding something she can't have, like maybe candy. She will look at me and say "can I have one of these or two of these, which is it?" Totally the whole "give your kids a choice" thing biting me in the butt.

Tonight Eloise was working on an art project and really wanted me to get the large roll of paper down for her, but it was nearing bedtime, so I said no. She said "I am going to finish this card and when I look up, I want to see that roll of paper" in TOTAL seriousness. Of course, she added "or I'm going to hit you!" (which I hope goes without saying that I have never and would never say to my girls). I've definitely told the girls that I am going to do X and when I come back, I want to see the playroom cleaned up, or something along those lines.

When Eloise wants something, she asks for it in a way that no isn't one of the answers, which is exactly what I do to her. Have you ever heard the theory that you shouldn't say to your kids "can you please get your shoes on?" because you are giving them the chance to say "no". Instead you need to say something like "please put on either the red shoes or the blue shoes" which gives them a choice to make (kids like choices!), but one of them isn't to not do it at all. So anyways, always turning it against me, that little rascal!


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