Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Want.

I was just reading a blog, which lead me to another blog, which lead me to an online store that sold the coolest things for kids. For example:

Blank board books.

And then blank comic books.

And THEN blank puzzles!

I just love stuff like this, though we don't have much of it. Of course, my girls still make piles of books every week simply by stapling paper together, but I like the idea of something a bit more durable.


  1. OMG - SO cool! I want the board books for my older daughter & I to make for my baby. And I want the comic book for my older daughter. :-)

  2. Oh, there is a book called "the book book". I got it for Alison (and me too) and it's all about making different kinds of books. I bet you guys would really like it.


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