Sunday, October 03, 2010

One of THOSE days

Oh my. What a long, long day. It was just me and the girls, which is normally really fun and lovely and great and we have a good time. Not today, so I'm going to whine about it here.

Today was a day where my children couldn't remember any of the agreements we have in our house. Where, no matter how times I asked/told/yelled they simply wouldn't (or couldn't) do as I asked. Eating/coloring on the couch. Spilling coffee on the couch. Fighting with each other. Refusing to eat any fruits/vegetables. Doing exactly the opposite of what I asked at the swimming pool (walking feet? How about RUNNING feet? Wait until the coast is clear before jumping in? How about jumping right on top of people? etc etc).

We went to the park. Here's what I sounded like "Iris, please throw the ball in THIS direction for the dog." She throws it towards the playground. "Iris, I need you to throw the ball away from the playground." She throws it the same way again. I tell her she can't throw the ball if she isn't listening. An eerily similar conversation ensued over about 12 other things this afternoon.

I kept saying "will you please just STOP?!?!" all day. It was so infuriating and frustrating. Sometimes when things are hard, I get the time to recoup before something else happens. Not today.

Add to this to the fact that Eloise was on another of her crying jags today. Those are the days when she spends an indecent amount of time just crying. And crying. And crying. And it sounds really sad, right? But after the second or third hour you're just begging for it to stop. I don't doubt that she is genuinely sad, but she's not physically hurting and life truly isn't being that unkind to her. So it's just tiring. The last thing she cried about tonight was over wanting her hair to be shiny. Seriously.

As I type this, Iris is pointing at the computer screen. I say, "please don't touch the computer screen." She says "okay" and then leans in and runs her finger along it. This, times a million, was my day.

But tomorrow is a new day. Iris will be at school. Eloise will hopefully be over her issues with shiny hair. The world will be at peace again.


  1. awwww, I hope today is a better day for you. If it is ANY consolation whatsoever...I understand. Whole-heartedly. :)

  2. Ugh. So in sympathy with you. This past weekend was a weekend full of wondering (a) why on earth we were having another child and (b) why on earth we were keeping the one we had. He was so grumpy. And did the intentional opposite of absolutely anything we requested. And here we thought we were being so reasonable!

    Oh, well. Then there are those moments of breakthrough cute, and you forgive them and start over…

  3. P.S. The shiny hair thing made me laugh. I've been known to sigh over that issue myself…

  4. omg were you hiding in my closet, secretly recording our day in this house? because it sounds eerily familiar. argh. here's hoping for a better day for everyone... lord knows mommy needs it over here too!


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