Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Every year I think we should go to a pumpkin patch, it often ends up being fun, but a lot of work. Being that we live in Seattle, going to a pumpkin patch often means a drive of 45 minutes or more. But we loaded up the kids after Iris got done with school and took off. The place we went, which we had never been to before, was pretty mediocre. Not many pumpkins left, but lots of old farm machinery for Eloise to climb on (Iris was terrified).

One of these years we'll find the best one to go to. One that isn't a ton of money but still has a few fun things to do, isn't too far away, and one we can go to during the week when it's not too crowded. Is that too much to ask?

Without further ado, our afternoon in pictures:

What are they looking at?


Trying out the wheelbarrows. After struggling with it for a little bit, Eloise declared, "I'm a real farmer!"
Tractors on the farm.

Iris found a keeper.
Eloise the farmer.

Smaller than the wheels.

The fearless climber.

Trying out the machinery just once.



  1. Well it looks like a lovely afternoon from here. :-)

  2. The Farm at Snohomish! We go every year and LOVE it. We just went 3 weeks ago and the boyz did everything with just a $5 wristband, even though the web page shows a la carte pricing.

  3. Noel-- My friend told me about that place and said it was great, but when I looked it up online they wanted $40 for the family to partake in any of their activities (or $5 for each kid for each activity). Since we weren't going to pay that, we decided going somewhere else was easier than saying "no, sorry" to the girls every time they asked to go on something we couldn't pay for.

  4. Hi Sybil, I know! We've gone most years and didn't remember it as being expensive so I was surprised to see those prices online. I had braced myself to spend a lot of money but we paid only $10. Seriously, I don't know if the cashier was misinformed or if there was a special that Sunday, but I even asked twice to be sure. The boys played in the play area and barn, rode the cow train, ran through the hay maze over and over, plus we all rode the hay ride twice without ever being asked for a ticket. We were 5 adults and 2 kids with Gma & Gpa, aunt and uncle plus me. (Jason stayed in Houston.) Ten bucks. Go figure. :-)


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