Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am getting spoiled this week. My husband is taking the week off of work to just spend time around the house. After all of the travelling he has done this month, it's nice to have him home to take some of the load off of me!

Today I painted the downstairs hallway and stairwell. Before I painted it was a sort of dirty white from when it was remodelled last summer. I made a big push to get some more important parts of the house painted last fall and never got around to that hallway-- but today, finally, I did it. Or I should say, painted most of it. I seem to have a curse of never having *quite* enough paint to finish a job. I am crossing my fingers that I can get the paint store to mix a close enough match so I can get the rest of the stairwell done soon.

My sights are set on the bathroom, now. I wasn't going to paint the bathroom because we are "going to remodel" it (AKA at some point when finances allow, including never, we plan to add a bathtub to our bathtub-less house) so I didn't want to invest time or money in to it. But now the bathroom is filled with patched up walls and I will have an extra gallon of paint, so why not? Along those lines, what is a good paint color for a bathroom? The only thing we have to go on is our chocolate brown and slate blue towels.

In other news, there is some potentially VERY good news on the horizon for our family, something that will be extremely good for us all, so cross your fingers. I'm not at liberty to mention it until it happens, but hope to be able to celebrate soon!

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  1. Ooh, sounds exciting! Now I'll be waiting to hear the good news. Whatever it is, I hope it happens! : )

    Way to go on the painting progress! Personally, I love a blue bathroom. Anything that reminds me of a shimmery beach--ocean blue, seaglass green, etc. But my sister did one of hers in a dark gray and it turned out gorgeous. (I think she even did some texture on the walls. It looks great.) That would match your towels. I say whatever color strikes your fancy!


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