Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Lists

We are starting to make our Christmas wish lists in this house. It's pretty fun, after trying to do some pretty slim holidays for the past few years, we are trying to think of things that are a little more frivolous to put on the lists. I mean, last year I got my husband a pack of Dryel for Christmas. Surely it's his year for something fun, no?

Iris wrote her list last night and helped me brainstorm and write mine.

Iris's says: Santa for Christmas I want a pillow pet that is a panda and a big pillow pet too. And also a new bead kit and string with lockets and pretty beads. Love Iris.

This is the back of the letter:

Here is the letter to Santa she wrote for me:
It says: Dear Santa my mom wants a new winter coat and a heated mattress pad and a new nice necklace to wear every day and a new Twilight DVD.

Now I just need to to figure out how to send these to Santa. I suppose I should google that. Or does anyone know how to mail a letter to Santa?


  1. So. Dang. Sweet. Thanks for sharing! (Very nice writing by Iris, by the way!) It's very dear that she knows what you like. : )

  2. I believe you can simply mail it to Santa at The North Pole.

    I know it isn't as fun as hand writing a letter, but you might take a peek at The site uses a form letter with choices to say to Santa, then a free form space. The coolest thing is that Santa writes back! (within 48 hours, generally)

  3. We've always just posted ours to Santa Claus, North Pole and mailed it at the PO. Some PO's have a special mailbox just for Santa letters too. And many have elves working during the Christmas season that send a little note back. My kids are always thrilled to get a postcard back from Santa.


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