Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snovember 2010

On Monday of this past week it began snowing in Seattle. Snowing. Like, real snowing. It messed up the city and screwed up many, many people's lives. But thankfully, not ours. We all hunkered down at home and enjoyed the unplanned time together. The girls stayed home from school, Matt stayed home from what would have been his last few days at his current job, and me? Well, I just enjoyed the company! The snow is still holding on a few days later, though it's mostly melted and gone. I'm sad to see it go and looking forward to it coming back again!

Eloise hanging up snowflakes on our front window.

Iris hanging up snowflakes on our front window.
Eloise heading down the sledding hill. By Tuesday it had become much more slick and still wasn't fast enough for her!
Iris and Matt preparing for a run down the hill.

Iris heading down the hill.

Our dog, Heidi, enjoying the snow!

Iris and our neighbor at the end of a run down the sledding hill.

I love snow. Did I mention that? LOVE it. Growing up in Wisconsin-- a great deal of that time on the shore of Lake Michigan (which means A LOT of snow!)-- you might think I'm sick of it by now. Oh, no. I'm more ravenous, if anything. Since we get so little in Seattle I relish every bit of it.

I got my white Thanksgiving, now I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

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