Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Matters

I have gotten addicted to a new tv show on Netflix. Or I should specify, new *to me*. It's called Brothers and Sisters and it's about a family of five adult children and their mother and the crazy life they lead. Of course, it's tv, so everyone looks perfect and even the craziness is perfectly acted, but still, I love the show.

Last weekend as I laid in bed trying to recover from some random illness that completely knocked me out, I thought about how much I wish I had that family. No, not the perfect good looks or the insane plot twists, but the closeness. On the show this family all lives in LA. They all spend a lot of time with each other, having meals and holidays together, sharing in everything from the most mundane to every holiday to major milestones.

I want that. As my girls grow and become adults, I want us to still be closely intertwined in each other's lives. I don't want to miss a single milestone in my girls', or their children's lives. In my ideal world, we would live near each other. Near enough to enjoy weekly meals, if I could be so lucky.

This idea is all new to me. I didn't, and don't, have a family like this. Don't get me wrong, my family very much loves each other. We aren't estranged by any means, but we're not that close, either. We don't spend many holidays together-- in fact, this Christmas my brother's family, my sister's family, my parents and my own family were all in separate states. Our own states, where we each have made a home for ourselves. We call each other, we send presents, but that's about it. It's lovely, but it's not what I want for me and my own children. I want to be the matriarch of my family, to sit next to the giant Christmas tree and pass out gifts to the heaps of grandchildren my two daughters will no doubt bestow upon the world.

So, this is my wish for my own family. My wish for our future.

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  1. I, too, hope that through AP I will have a much closer relationship with my children than I had with my mother, even as a kid.

    I seem to only be really close with my mom when I'm pregnant. And she only lives 10 minutes from me.


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