Sunday, January 02, 2011


2010 was a good year. No-- a GREAT year. A really great year. So onward and upward to 2011!

I try to make reasonable resolutions many years. Of course, now that I'm writing this post, I can't remember too many of them from years past!

This year? At first I thought I should I should finish my novel. Then I thought about all of the reasons it's took a bit of a backseat to everything else lately . . . and realized I should fix all of that first.

Then! I thought I should make the goal to read a certain amount of books this year. If I'm not writing furiously, I should be reading furiously. So how many books is a decent goal? How about 50? That's about four per month.

My first book of the year I'll list as Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I started it in 2010, but finished it in 2011, so I'll call that good. I gave it 4/5. A bit long, but Franzen is a great writer, so it was mostly quite interesting. And a happy ending, to boot!

If you want to follow what I'm reading, feel free to check out my Goodreads site, and heck, while you're there, add me as a friend!

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