Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Iris and Eloise, my six and four year old daughters, always seem to ebb and flow through that dance of, well, sisterhood. Fighting and playing, loving on each other and spitting fire at each other. Lately, though, it feels like they are really getting along remarkably well. I am constantly overhearing their elaborate imaginative play worlds that they have concocted. One of my favorite things to overhear is when one will tell the other what to say next, something like "say "wow, that dress looks nice on her!" and then the other will say it, word for word. The girls will do this equally throughout play. First one then the other dictating how things will go.

The pictures in this post, while adorable, have little to do with the text.

I especially love watching them play with their dolls, namely their Polly Pockets. They set up little scenarios for their Pollys to exist in and will play for hours, if they are able. I can't put my head in the space to play like that these days, but I do remember the days of holding up both ends of doll conversation for countless afternoons as a little girl.

Eloise and Iris with their Great-Grandmother over Christmas break.

I always say, or at least, think to myself, that the best thing I ever did for my girls is give each of them a sister. And it's so true.


  1. (Sigh) So sweet! I'm hoping to provide a little brother (or sister) for our daughter. She is 16mo and we're TTC. The spacing seems like it would be nice. Your post is more evidence to that. :-)

  2. I think the spacing is crazy close-- if you get pregnant within the next year, you'll see what I mean :) BUT man, do I love how good of playmates they are. I love thinking about how close they will likely be for the rest of their lives do to their age gap. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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