Monday, March 07, 2011

Annoyances, cereal and signage

This blog post is literally about what is on my mind right this second.

First things first. If you are gluten-free, or even if you aren't, run, don't walk, to your nearest grocery retailer and buy cinnamon chex. Oh my good lord in heaven. When I became gluten free one of the things I was so sad to lose was my beloved cinnamon toast crunch cereal. But this chex, my friends, exactly hits the spot for me. Oh, yum. I am eating it dry right now. Washing it down with carrot/apple/blood orange/cucumber/ruby red grapefruit juice. And yes, that concoction does taste about as weird as it sounds. I think it's the grapefruit that puts it over the edge, but it's still drinkable.

Okay, my annoyances. As you well know, I gots lots, but here is tonight's. I am trying to get passports for my family so that not only can we travel the world, we can go visit some friends up on Vancouver Island.

Here's what I need to do in order to get my family passports:

Obtain copies of Matt's and my birth certificates (I already got mine in the mail, woohoo!)
Get new social security cards for the girls with their new last names on them. Their last names were changed from mine to Matt's when he and I got married. When I sent in the paperwork to the SS office shortly after the girls' name change I got it all back and a note saying I had submitted all the wrong stuff and needed to do all this other stuff. I never tried again. Until now.
Get a paternity affidavit for Eloise. When she was born Matt and I weren't married and in WA state if you aren't married you have to get a paternity affidavit to add the father to the birth certificate.
Since Matt isn't on E's birth certificate, we have to get a new one of those, too. In order to get a passport you need a form of ID that lists both parents as the parents of the child.

Had I know how tricky all of this crap would be having children out of wedlock I never would have done it. Ha!

Oh, then once ALL of that is done, THEN we can start the process of getting passports. That said, all of these things really did/do need to be done, anyways, so it's not that big of a deal. Just annoying.

And the last thing of the night. I am getting a leeeeetle bit tired of my family not remembering how the morning (before school) and evening (before bed) routines go, so I wrote them out in sharpie and posted them. We'll see if it works. You'd think doing both of these routines, oh, I don't know, about eleventy billion times would have burned the process in to their brains. Not so much. If the signage works, expect to see them everywhere in my house from here forward. I am so sick of repeating myself every. single. day.

But! Ending on a happy note. The girls and I are taking a "Staycation" and it is going to be so fun! Or, at least I hope. We will be close to the Seattle Center and downtown, so I'm envisioning going up in the Space Needle, riding the monorail, catching a movie, doing some shopping, eating out, swimming, taking baths (I specifically got a room with a jacuzzi tub because we have no bathtub in our house). So, that sounds like fun, right? A dear friend and her daughter, Iris's BFF, are going to come join in the fun as well, so we're definitely looking forward to it!


  1. your staycation sounds fab!! I feel you on the paternity stuff...Allan had to go through all of it with GraceAnne cuz of the military, even though he was on the BC and she had his last name. It was craziness. Praying it all gets straightened out QUICKLY!!

  2. My older daughter (12yo) had her BC issued as MALE. When they told my ex-husband to check it, they said "address, names, etc." - you don't think to check the SEX. Surely the hospital knows the sex, right?! Nope!

    So, while the hospital did get that BC fixed for us, the SS office still thinks she is a boy. I took her and her BC (original and replacement) to the local SS office and was told these forms of ID wouldn't work. I needed a note from her school on letterhead stating that she was a girl. What?? Um, so yeah. I still haven't taken care of that! And besides, what if she was still be homeschooled?? Ugh.


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