Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Marching through March

My friend Stephanie over at Built to Last started a walking challenge for herself this month and invited her readers to join her on the journey. The challenge is to log 60 miles of walking during the month of March. I think I am up for it! My only fear is that having my husband away quite a bit on business this month will make it harder-- but if I shift around the workouts I do so that I do the walking on the days my girls are in school, I should be able to accomplish the goal.

When I get out there, I walk anywhere between three and five miles-- so that means I will need 12 to 20 days of walking to meet the goal. Let's hope the weather doesn't hold the same rainy/blustery pattern it has so far this month, or I might be screwed :)

My walks have been incredibly enjoyable thanks to the audio books I listen to through Audible. Recently I signed up for a year of Audible and saved $100 on the purchase of two ipods for my girls-- win, win!

Check out this adorable button Stephanie made! This alone makes me want to do it. Maybe you, too?

I haven't written a ton about my weight loss journey on here, but it's going okay. I've been counting calories (a HUGE eye opener) and exercising about five days a week, usually doing a 30 Day Shred workout or walking (the walks include hills, at a speed of 3.5 MPH). Looking to be bikini ready by the end of May!

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  1. yay! I totally want to see your maui blog, too. That is great that you and your mom are doing it together. A couple other things:

    I hope your puppy has recovered from your sister leaving. That was sad for her but sweet to hear. Also, I love when you write about your kids. I hope Iris has many more happy mornings. Perhaps a stash of cereal bars by her bed, too? She would have to eat one and wait 10 minutes before waking you up. :) I'm just teasing. I hope the bedtime privileges keep working out.


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