Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh gluten, you wascly wabbit

I was just looking back on my blog to see exactly how long it had been since I went gluten free. It basically started the day I started my elimination diet which was at the beginning of April 2010. When I did the elimination diet I really did start feeling better and I thought that at the end of the diet, when I challenged gluten and felt terrible, that I had hit the nail on the head. That was it! Gluten was the source of all of my physical woes!

I have been off gluten, more or less, for many months. Right after I was officially done with the elimination diet I "cheated" by eating a bite of gluten here and there without any obvious consequences. Then after being off of it for a while I had a bite of pizza (the "infamous bite of pizza" in my life) and within the hour started having horrible cramps and felt incredibly awful for two and a half days. Of course, it must have been the gluten!, I thought.

Oh man, after that, I stayed far, far away.

Then came this last Wednesday. Looking for a sweet treat at Target I grabbed a bag of Nibs, those little cherry flavored candies by Twizzlers. I had eaten most of a bag before looking at the label-- the ingredient right after sugar? Wheat flour. Ruh roh. I braced myself for the worst and then, interestingly, the worst never came.

Hmmm. Verrrrry interesting. Being as curious as I am, I decided to test this information. I had a tiny bite of my daughter's cinnamon roll this morning. Again, nothing. And for lunch today? I was given some pita wedges with my salad, and I ate one small one. Still nothing.

So what gives?

I have the results of a celiac test (done via biopsy) coming soon, and honestly I thought it was going to be positive. I thought the reason I was still feeling so bad was that I wasn't being quite careful enough-- still eating things that were made on equipment shared with wheat (therefor not certified gluten-free), for instance.

Now though? I have to wonder if those times I felt really awful around eating gluten was a coincidence. Because today I didn't feel awful. And lots of days I DO feel awful.

I'm a little sad that I will be reporting this info to my GI doc. It will likely mean I don't have celiacs and so far the three major tests I have had done to check out my insides have turned up nothing but beautiful, pink, healthy insides. I SO WANT SOMETHING TO BE WRONG! Which is so weird to say, but it's true. If something obvious is wrong with me, then something obvious will be the solution.

I can't even let myself believe I can eat gluten again. Nope, not going to go there yet. My diet has gotten infinitely better since I went off of it, and without that limitation, it will be tough to not slide back in to a carb-filled oblivion.

Anyone else have any experience like this? Just curious.


  1. Interesting. Wondering what your results will be.

    I'm thinking about taking the celiac test as well so I can know if I'm just sensitive or if there is a more serious problem. I was GF back in 2007 for four months and since late August 2010. I feel so much better (and losing weight was a nice side benefit) and definitely 'feel it' when I have something even like soy sauce on sushi.

  2. Very interesting! I've been off of gluten since June 2010. We tried reintroducing in January and I had horrible cramping for three-four days. I started feeling better after that. My son also started to get fussier, have stomach issues, etc after about a week so I went back off of it. I feel so much better and so does he so we stay away from it.

    I'm looking in to possibly getting both of us tested. With the wheat it was harder to pinpoint that it was exactly what was causing the problems for him. I feel so much better eating this way that I don't know if I'll go back even if I can.


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