Sunday, March 20, 2011

Re-entry is tough

My husband finally got back last night after an 11 day work trip. I think that was the longest one yet. I already wrote about how the days went for us, so now I get to say, this was an extra tough re-entry. And it isn't even a real re-entry because he leaves again tomorrow. So the real re-entry comes in a few days. Nice to have that to look forward to.

We have already discovered that it is extremely hard on the girls when Matt gets home. They of course missed him a ton and are excited to see him but they totally fall apart. After many days of doing so, so well, it's tough to watch them struggle. And it is tough to deal with. I am tired, Matt is tired, the girls are tired . . . you get the idea.

The icing on the cake was this big announcement in the cell phone industry today that caused my husband to have be on the phone and do work that he shouldn't have had to do on a Sunday. What is wrong with people?! It's Sunday! Don't release big news on Sunday! To help alleviate the stress I ran a work errand for him. Yep, so much for using the 36 hours he was home to rest and be with the family!

I decided that the one thing I really wanted to do today was go see 127 hours. By myself. I walked the almost three miles to the theater and back so I could have a little treat during the movie. The movie isn't exactly the settle in and relax and de-stress kind of flick. God, it was downright awful. But in an amazing way. I cried my eyes out at the end. And then felt sad and weird the whole walk/jog home.

When I got home Eloise was still awake and crying. Daddy wouldn't do for bedtime, though I could tell she wanted him to, it was just hard. She cried and asked him not to go again tomorrow. Thank god this is his last trip for a while (or so we hope).

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