Wednesday, April 06, 2011


When Eloise was small we nicknamed her "Baby Destructor" because she was pretty much always going around smashing and wrecking things in her path. I feel like I channeled that a bit today, wrecking things in my path.

Mostly it was a good day, could have been a great day, but these things can fall apart sometimes.

Last week Seattle Public Utilities mailed us a flyer with some dye attached to it so that we could test to see if our toilet tank leaks in to the bowl. And wouldn't you know it, of course it does (because pretty much everything about this house was/is ruined ((not our fault)) ). Today I decided I would channel my inner plumber and replace the flapper thingymajobber. Of course, the toilet still leaked even after the fix, so I reached in to my bottomless knowledge of toilets I decided to start messing with the float rod. And then promptly broke it in half. Did I mention we only have one bathroom in this house?

Today I was also supposed to collect samples for a test for my adrenals. It's pretty simple and all it takes is collecting four saliva samples throughout the day. My doctor made a point of telling me not to drink any caffeine like coffee, tea or soda on the day of my test, which I knew would be easy since I don't usually drink caffeine. I was half way through the day when I decided that a chai latte would be a delightful idea. Twenty minutes later, whoops! Darn it.

I have a whole other post (or two) about why I am doing this adrenal test. I went to see a naturopath who had a whoooooole bunch of new ideas for me to get a handle on my health, which is pretty thrilling to me. I am sort of exhausted because I felt like I had reached the end of the options with little to no change in how I was feeling.

Let's see. I ruined the toilet. Ruined my test. And then I drowned my sorrows in an entire bag of Brach's jelly beans (aka the best candy ever invented) thereby obliterating any semblance of healthy eating or weight loss attempts I had going, um, all week. What's funny about binging on junk like that is that it never feels good enough to counter how crappy you feel after eating it. I guess that's why they say sugar is a drug, huh?

Tomorrow is another day. Matt is working on the toilet (and currently on the family's third Home Depot run of the day), I am going to get a new test kit, and there will be no sweets in my (immediate) future.

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  1. bah, don't be so rough on yourself! Consider that a year ago, you would have been eating less healthfully all week and then STILL devoured the jelly beans. Our body can process crap *sometimes* it's just when we feed it crapp *all* of the time that it can't bounce back.

    good luck on the toilet. The joys of owning a historic home!!


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