Sunday, April 10, 2011

Follow up to week two parenting class

It was a MUCH more difficult week for me after the second parenting class. I was supposed to keep up with the 1-on-1 play time with both girls and let me tell you, it was crazy difficult to do with the way Iris and I felt about each other most of the week. She has just generally had a really negative attitude and has been calling names, being disrespectful, not listening, etc etc. Kind of makes me want to stay far far away from her.

But you know what is the real lesson for me in this? It's bringing Iris close even when I want nothing more than to push her away. That, my dears, is ten times harder than anything else I have been working on.

For the week two class we had to read a really disturbing article on the connection between violent video games and children killing other people. I know it sounds kind of crass to say, but the whole time as I was reading I just kept thinking "thank god we have daughters!". I bet there is probably some example, somewhere, of a girl playing these games like Doom (which is what the boys who committed the Columbine murders played) and went on to hurt or kill people, but I haven't heard of them. Which is not to say parents of daughters don't have their own sets of serious worries, because boy howdy, we certainly do. That just is one I can thankfully cross off the list.

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  1. Female serial killers are also VERY RARE.

    I think, perhaps, women have a better appreciation for LIFE than men. (Very generally speaking here!)


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