Friday, April 08, 2011

In pursuit of the bikini bod

A while back I mentioned here that my mom and I had started a challenge to get us bikini-ready for our vacation to Maui at the end of May. I've been working on the challenge since early January, counting calories and exercising religiously. My posts on the subject have been primarily contained on a blog my mom and I co-write but lately I've turned my posts in to rants on my lack of progress so I decided to post further thoughts on the subject over here, instead. I really wanted to keep the other blog light-hearted in addition to wanting some space to delve more in to the subject of my weight loss goals.

So here's where I am at: Between counting calories every day, and keeping them to around 1600-1700 per day (of course a few days went a little over or under) and exercising 5-6 days per week (either with strenuous workout videos like the 30 Day Shred OR 1 1/2 to 2 hours of walking at a 3.5 MPH pace, including steep hills) I have lost maybe about four pounds. I don't know for sure because in my head I start at the weight I knew from the doctor's office, fully clothed, and take it down to my absolute lowest weigh-in-first-thing-in-the-morning-naked weight. If I go with those two weights I lost six pounds. In three months. With a pretty steep calorie drop from where I was at and going from pretty much no exercise to what I think could be considered a pretty rockin' amount of exercise.

But! you say, muscle weighs more than fat! I should be looking at inches lost! So what about my inches lost? A couple in my chest and hips but absolutely none in my waist. And my waist, my friends, is what needs help the most.

You can probably imagine the depths of my frustration. When one puts out that sort of effort, one expects to reap some amazing rewards. I got nothin'. My husband swears I look slimmer, but, to his credit, he ALWAYS tells me that (what a good little husband I have!).

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to do something even more drastic to lose the weight and I invested in some weight loss/nutrition supplements that you follow with a strict eating regimen. I ended up completely failing at it-- I don't think I prepared enough or was in the right frame of mind for it. In addition to that effort (or lack thereof) I also have been wavering on my eating and exercising. Some days I do amazing, some days it's downright pathetic. Some days a little of both.


Why am I spewing all of this here? Well, I've recently met with a new doctor who is a naturopath. I sat down with her and laid out all of my woes. When I paused for a breath she brought up several reasons I might be having a hard time losing weight that have nothing to do with my efforts in eating or exercising.

Before I launch all in to these ideas I want to say that at this exact time I have absolutely zero PROOF that this is what is going on with me, but I find the theories so incredibly fascinating that it's pretty much consumed me.

So what have I been learning about? Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode!

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  1. I can't wait for tomorrow! I hope you find some answers, Sybil, because you have been working so hard to see your results less than what you expected. I really admire your perseverance through it all. I am totally scared about the first time I put some weight back on or something. In my head I know I want to take it in stride but it could totally wreck me, too. :) Happy Saturday.


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