Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The nerve!

Last night I was talking with my mom about schooling for next year and she said something about me homeschooling Eloise as well as Iris (I won't be). We chatted for a little bit and then hung up. Eloise overheard me and started asking what we were talking about.

I looked at Eloise and said: "do you want to homeschool next year?"
She looked at me with the most incredulous expression on her face and said: "why are you asking me that?!"
I said: "well, do you want to?"
She asked the same question again, so I said I was just wondering.
She replied, exasperated: "NO."

Okay then!


  1. she told you! (does this mean you won't be??)

  2. It was never in the plan to HS Eloise for kindy. Maybe in the future if it is mutually agreeable, but there are no plans. She desperately wants to go to "a big school" for Kindy so we're giving it a try. Or at least, we hope to get her in to the one that we applied to the lottery for. If she doesn't get in she will go where Iris went to Kindy.

  3. Oh, so I should clarify, I was kidding around with her when I asked her the question.


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