Saturday, April 02, 2011

Oh grrrr!!!!

I have no idea why these posts recently aren't keeping the same formatting I am typing them in. The last post that did was the one I wrote on Friday March 25th. I wonder what happened? If you have dealt with this and found a solution, can you let me know? Off to go scour the help section . . .


  1. Okay, I seem to have solved it. If you go in to edit the HTML you have to add the < p > (without spaces) at the end of each paragraph in order for it to make a break. Looks like this is happening on lots of Blogger blogs, so if it is on yours, too, give that a try!

  2. That was happening to me at random, too, but then it reset itself. You do have "Press 'Enter' for line breaks" selected under Post Options, right? Blogger's being buggy with me lately, anyhow.


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