Sunday, April 03, 2011

On being creative with candy

Today I was thinking that Iris might really enjoy making something to submit to the Seattle Times' annual Peep contest, where you have to create something out of Peeps candy and submit a photo and then it is judged and you can win prizes. I showed Iris a bunch of photos from previous years' entries and she was sufficiently intrigued. Turns out Eloise was, as well, so they both went to work coming up with ideas.

Iris decided to do "Hannah Peeptana" and Eloise waffled a bit between a few really great ideas and settled on "Katy Peepry" in the end. She didn't decide on Katy Peepry until we got home from the store and I was bummed that I hadn't bought tons of candy to re-create the "California Gurls" video.

Iris and I made a trip to Target for our Peeps and some other various craft supplies and the girls (with Matt and I as their helpers) got to work when we got home. It was really hard for me to step back and let Iris do whatever she wanted even when my ideas would have looked more pleasing in terms of what the contest might have wanted. Lessons for mama!

In the end they both ended up with something that they were really proud of, and Matt and I were proud of, too. They worked really hard and put thought in to it and had fun working on them.

Here are two views of Iris's scene. It includes Hannah on stage with a guitar player and a drum player and an audience watching them. Iris also got the idea that "peepcorn" would be sold at the Hannah show and so that is the view of the scene you are seeing here.

Here is a view of the project from the end of the "peepcorn" sign towards the audience. Since I could only submit one picture to the contest, this is the one I chose.

Here is Eloise's Katy Peepry. There was also an "I (heart) Katy Peepry" sign in the audience but it got lost before I could take the photo.

So much fun!


  1. Those are so peeptastic! :) love them.

  2. how fun!!! that sounds like an amazing homeschool project for over here :D

  3. How fun! And you are SO not the only one that has trouble keeping your hands out of the kids' projects! You should have just done one yourself for fun!

  4. Peeptastic! Yes! Oh, it was fun. It really reminded me of doing gingerbread houses-- and in this house everyone creates a gingerbread house. We should have all also created a Peep scene, too, darn it! Next year :)


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