Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break, baby!

The girls are officially on Spring Break. I am SO glad to have this week "off". It feels weird to think that it's a week off when, really, I will have the girls home 24/7 where I usually get a few hours of time to myself every week when they are both in school. I think it's just the idea of not going, going, going. I am not taking Eloise to any of her gym classes this week and we haven't set any plans except for a couple. We plan to check out the new rollerskating rink nearby and our friends are coming over so we can all watch Star Wars together. Fun, no?

On today's agenda? Go to the library. That is IT.

So far my girls haven't been fighting, but you know, give it a few seconds, that may change.

It's been, at least for me, a really exhausting last few days. Nothing different is going on, I just feel drained. Most of it is from the stress of the stolen ipods. I don't have much to report on that front. A detective called me on Thursday morning and I was all excited that he was going to kick some butt, but now it's Monday and I still haven't heard back from him. I'm guessing stolen ipods aren't high on the list of priorities of a Seattle police department detective.

Matt and I aren't sure whether we should replace Iris's ipod. I have noticed that since Eloise's ipod has come back Eloise has played with it a little bit but Iris hasn't touched it. In fact, Iris seems to act as if she is a bit afraid of it. There is still some "bad music" on it, we left it on in case the detective wanted to see it for some reason. Iris is TERRIFIED of the music and reminds us all not to turn it on. I think we just need to take it off and be done with it.

The girls used to take tons and tons of pictures and videos with the ipods. They haven't taken any since we got Eloise's back. It makes me really sad. I keep telling Iris we can back up that stuff on our computer so it can't be lost again, but I don't think she cares. She wants her memories back.

In addition to all of that crap, I've also been trying to work hard on the skills I am learning in my parenting class. I have lots of thoughts on that whole situation that I will try to blog about later. Mostly my thoughts revolve around two main ideas: changing my own behavior is crazy difficult and changing my daughters' behavior feels next to impossible. But you know what? Slowly but surely, things are on the move. It's exciting and exhausting.

ETA: literally one minute after I posted this the detective called me back. He had gone to our neighbor's house and talked to the girl and her mom (which was difficult as the mom speaks very little English) and the girl stuck to her story that didn't add up. The mom apparently said she had seen no other ipods in the house, though we have information that says otherwise. Oh, well. Case closed. The detective said we were lucky to have one back, that rarely happens. It is hard to feel "lucky" but I am ready to move on.

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  1. I'm amazed and impressed the detective did as much as he did. We once had someone break into our apartment (literally damaging our door) and take a few things. We reported it, but the cops never followed up at all. We actually got more information on it on our own than they ever did.

    Your poor girls. My heart is sad for them. Maybe if you take some video of them, save it to the computer, and then play it back there for them... maybe that could renew their interest.


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