Sunday, May 08, 2011

Musings on Mother's Day and Bribery

It's Mother's Day. Hooray! I love Mother's Day. It was a guilt-free excuse for me to say I was leaving for half the day to go do something for myself while Matt and the girls stayed home.

So what did I do, you ask? I went clothes shopping, mostly for shorts, and to see a movie. All by myselfs. In case you were wondering why I had to go shopping for shorts, well, there's a sad answer for that. Despite working my ass off since January, I haven't really lost any weight at all. Well, I've lost a little off my bust and hips, but zero off my waist, therefor, all of the shorts I have are too small for my jiggly bits. It was really sad, trying on clothes that accentuated the muffin top that was no longer supposed to be there (you promised, Jillian Michaels!!!!!) but alas, it is what it is. So I have new shorts, and I promised myself they would not be worn again next summer.


I went to see the movie Water for Elephants, which, like most books made in to movies, was a decent enough movie but left out so much of the beauty of the book. Of course, it added in the beauty of Robert Pattinson's goofy grin, so I guess that was a pretty good trade off for storyline.

And then, the piece de resistance, I came home to a clean house! Awwwwww yeah! Best Mother's Day ever!

Switching gears here, another fairly exciting thing happened today, which is that the girls reached their "medium prize" in the sticker chart process. OHMYGOD it was a horrible, no good, rotten weekend for the girls, though. We haven't had one this difficult in a long time, though, so I am trying to keep that in mind. I wanted to chuck their "medium prize" right out the damn window, but they did eventually earn it tonight after many hours of decidedly not earning it.

Here the girls are showing off their 200 hundred stickers and their prizes. PS, they both chose these prizes themselves.

It took them two weeks to earn these with being able to earn one sticker for every half hour of time they spend together. Starting tomorrow we are moving up to one sticker for every one hour of time.

To be perfectly honest, I have NO idea if, overall, the sticker charts are working. It was crystal clear this weekend that the promise of a BARBIE GLAM VACATION HOUSE was NOT going to make our daughters not smash each other to bits. I mean, if that isn't going to make them buck up and fly right, I don't know what will. Certainly not, oh, you know, an innate desire to not smash each other's face off.

We're going to keep working on them, though. I have some questions in to our parenting class teacher about some details that just don't seem to be working, I am interested in what she has to say.

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