Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Yes, there is a real person under this parenting stuff

I was realizing I have been posting SO much about my journey through my parenting classes and joys and struggles (I need to work more on the joy part of that!) that I have sort of lost my own self on my blog. Despite what I am writing about, I do, actually, have a few slivers of time for myself and my own interests and pursuits.

My newest fun thing I wanted to share is that I have decided I want to become a morning person. Yeah, I know, sort of weird, but in my quest to discover where my own personal time would come from every day, I decided it would be the early morning hours. My two days per week that the girls are in school are getting to be almost completely eaten up by appointments and errands. My night time hours are taken up mostly by Iris's new schedule of staying up later and getting family admin stuff taken care of. So what's a mama to do? Why, dig in to her slumbering hours, of course! Ha ha, no, it's not that bad. I am trying to go to bed earlier and having the sun already up at 6:00 am helps quite a bit. No way could I get up while it was still dark out.

BUT! The main reason I am getting up earlier is that I am going to an early morning yoga class two days per week. I am home from the class before my family is even awake. I have to say, it's awesome. My yoga class is awesome. My yoga teacher is awesome. The whole thing is A+.

My other new fun thing is that I pay someone every week to sit and listen empathetic ally while I talk about myself (aka I go to therapy). I haven't been to therapy in a few years and MAN, I forgot how awesome it is. I'm on this whole new program of working from a few different angles of getting my anxiety issues in order, so hopefully it works. I am enjoying the appointments, but sometimes it's like ONE MORE THING I have to do every week. Sometimes, even when something is fun and helpful, it can still feel a little bit like work.

If you've been reading here for a year or more you may remember how last year at this time I was chin-deep in co-chairing my girls' school's annual auction. I have stepped aside from the task of running it this year but was missing having a hand in the organizing. I just got a few projects to work on. Nothing complicated, in fact, it's a few pieces of the stuff I did last year. I didn't realize that I might actually feel good about taking on a little work.

We are getting extremely close to beginning our homeschooling journey, just under three weeks until Iris's last day of school! It probably doesn't sound like a "me time" thing, but I am really enjoying digging deeper in to information about everything. I recently joined the homeschoolers group for all of Seattle and it's truly invigorating to know so many families are on the same journey. There are more activities going on then one could ever come close to participating in. Last week we went to an open house for an (outdoor) wilderness program that runs one day a week. It happens very close to our house in a beautiful spot of wilderness that makes you feel miles outside the city. We are also going to another open house this week for a different one day per week program. I am giddy with excitement! Maybe it's just ME who wants to be a homeschooler?

Along those lines, I read a bunch of different homeschooling blogs that I like for various reasons. One of them is the Pioneer Woman's homeschooling blog. This morning I read a guest post by someone who only homeschooled one of her children while the others were in a traditional school. Since this is the route we are going, I am keenly aware that this is a true rarity. I was so tickled to read a post about it!

Although technically we start homeschooling in June, I haven't purchased any curriculum yet. The summer will be spent "unschooling" and exploring Iris's interests and getting in to a rhythm of our day.

The other big exciting thing I am starting to put more energy in to is our upcoming Maui vacation! Have I ever said I have never been on a real vacation before? As a child we spent our summers sailing on Lake Michigan (which, don't get me wrong, was truly amazing). Once I left home any "vacation" money I had went towards travelling to see my family in WI and MI. Finally, finally!, I am going to the beach. To somewhere warm and wonderful. Of course, these vacations don't just happen on their own! There is much preparation and planning to be done. Thankfully, I enjoy that sort of thing!


  1. Sounds awesome! We will be trying to get more into events next year than we did this year. Hopefully there won't be any family members dying to un-hinge our 2nd grade year! lol

    I wanted to tell you the titles of 2 other books I've loved reading with GraceAnne this year: Mountain Born and Understood Betsy. I'm not sure, but I think I learn more from these books than she does! But she loves them, too. They're read-alouds so they'd be great for her and E, if she'd sit still to listen :)

  2. SO great to read about your journey, Sybil! Homeschooling has been such a blessing for us. : ) Good luck with all the research and discovery. You're right, this is a great town for it! There is no END to the fun you can have. : )


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