Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Blowhole, baby!

I just got a comment from Kristen that she had been in the same place we were in Maui. So fun! Right now there is nothing I love more than chatting with people who have been to Maui, so I would love your comments! What did you do there? Where did you stay? Any highlights to mention?

When we poured through our Maui Revealed book at home Iris labelled several things with sticky notes that she didn't want to miss while we were there. One of those was the Nakalele Blowhole. None of us knew what to expect other than our friends (the ones who were staying at the Westin that the amazing pool photos were taken at) told us to wear sturdy shoes. I am glad they told us that, as most of us certainly would have worn flip flops.

What can I say about this "must-see" Maui feature? First of all, when you are hiking down to it, you feel like A) there really is no trail and you're just going to get lost and need to be rescued by a helicopter. Luckily there was a group ahead of us who seemed to know where they were going so we more or less followed them. B) that you are in some bizarre world, maybe like the moon or something, but a moon that has a roaring ocean the most amazing colors of blue. The rock formations are so surreal.

The blowhole was pretty cool. There is a spot in the rocks that has been worn away by the ocean so when a big wave crashes in to the rocks it shoots water up many many feet in to the air in a jaw-dropping show.

This post needs pictures, so without further ado:

On our way down to the blowhole. I wish these pictures REALLY captured the color of the water. It was so many different shades of blue. Of all of the time I've spent in the water in my life, I had never seen anything like that.

Our fearless leader!

The blowhole. That tiny little peach colored person off to the left is me.

Sort of hard to get the full effect without some scale, but it was very far above our heads!

Looking down at the blowhole from a ledge.

The blowhole was off to the left just out of frame in this photo. That is a huge wave crashing in to those rocks. It was the second one that came up and I grabbed my camera after the first hoping I would catch another one. The first one seriously looked like it was going to wash all of those people away, lucky for them it didn't!

On the hike back up. That's my ma. If you click on that picture to see it bigger you will notice how cool the rocks are up close. I *think* they got that way from the salt eroding them.

The hike back up.

When I posted this last picture on Facebook I titled it something like "on the path back up from the blowhole". Matt's cousin commented "path?" And I said "exactly." People, there was NO path. It is amazing we weren't left to die in the sun circled by vultures. Or wait, I guess we just could have waited for someone to pass us on the way back and followed them. But that isn't so dramatic to say.

After this we headed back to our headquarters and lounged the rest of the day. We deserved it.

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