Monday, June 13, 2011

A break in the Maui posts (or, back to regularily scheduled life)

Ah, life. Real live life. I want to go back to Maui. Real life doesn't seem to happen there. Here are my jumbled thoughts:

We have been back for almost two weeks and we still aren't back on PST. I am going to bed/waking up a full two hours later than I did before Hawaii. Ugh. I want to get to bed earlier, but the girls are going to bed later and then everything else happens later. One of these mornings I should rip us all out of bed at 5:00 am to reset our internal clocks.

Iris has been out of school since we got back and it's been an interesting adjustment. I have kids home with me 24/7, which of course is what I signed up for, but still it's an adjustment. The girls are doing remarkably well despite having so much more time together during the week, but Eloise still gets a two day per week "break" when she goes to preschool. I am working on finding a babysitter to help me out a little bit and I had no idea it would be such a hard process!

Last week I met some amazing families who are working on forming a small program for their home schooled kids that would meet a few hours a week with formal Waldorf instruction. It would be the most perfect situation for Iris and I am crossing my fingers and toes it works out. We just need one or two more families to join.

On Sunday I sold my wedding dress, the one that was handmade for me by an amazing local designer. It's an extremely unique dress, and I am a pretty unique size (six feet tall) so I have had it half-heartedly listed for sale on one post on a message board for over two years with no serious interest. Last week a woman saw my very old post and contacted me. Not only were we virtually the same size, but she lives in the same city my sister does so I sent my dress to my sister and the gal went to try it on and loved it. I thought it was going to be hard for me to let go, but the opposite was true. I am so thrilled someone else will get some joy out of wearing the dress.

My big girl lost her first tooth and is turning seven at the end of the week. Where is the time going? Seven. Surreal. Look forward to a post about that!

My little girl got in to the public school that we wanted her to get in to so we are happy about that. It is our first foray in to public school, up until now we've had the girls in private school. So next year Iris will be home schooled and Eloise public schooled. We have been having all sorts of shiny happy moments come up that solidify our decision to send Eloise to this school so it's all very exciting. I have to say, though, I am pretty sad about sending Eloise to full day school. I do not want her to go. SHE wants to go. I told her I would pick her up before lunch every day and she looked at me like I was insane. "No, I want to stay for lunch!" she said. UGH! Who is this kid? I want her to stay little. Honestly I am more stressed about sending Eloise away to full day, full week school than I am about homeschooling a second grader.

I am ready for summer. Being in Maui gave me a taste for warm weather and I can't stand that June in Seattle means highs in the mid 60's.

Okay, I think I will end there.

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