Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How rude.

Iris's therapist may be the most annoying person I know.

Let me explain.

We (and by "we" I mean Iris and I, but mostly Iris) have been seeing her for a few months now. We both really like her, meaning, she is really nice and easy to talk to and Iris is fond of her. It is important that Iris actually likes her because they do one-on-one therapy without me in the room.

So today I am sitting in the therapist's office, with Iris, chatting about some challenges we have had recently. The therapist asked how bedtime was going, so I rolled my eyes and said "terrible". Remember when I wrote this post about our new and improved bedtime routine? About how we stopped fighting to get Iris to bed at the same time as Eloise and let her stay up later? It was great, for a while, but we have definitely realized that we traded one problem for another. Iris no longer fights and screams and keeps her sister awake (yay!) but now she is up super late and so I literally go to bed and wake up at the same time she does every day. Any parent knows how precious that time is between the time your kids go to bed and you do. Ahhhh, peace! Quiet! So we don't have that anymore.

I am on a tangent.

So today the therapist says "I think you need to just have Iris go back to the same bedtime as Eloise and say 'goodnight' and turn off the lights and leave the room and eventually she will learn she needs to quiet down and go to sleep. It might take a week of rough bedtimes, but she will get it."

Um, riiiiiiight. The reason we moved Iris to a later bedtime is that we literally tried for MONTHS to make this happen. Months, people. On our luckiest nights Iris would be quiet while Eloise fell asleep. On our unlucky nights (ie most of the time) Iris would scream and cry and keep Eloise awake and make all of our lives hell. But she never, ever fell asleep before 10:00.

What is so annoying is that I don't understand why our therapist would give me this piece of advice. If the solution really were that easy, do you think we would be in therapy? I wish I could have her come to my house and witness what actually happens here.

I honestly think the only solution to the sleep woes in this house are separate bedrooms for each of us, which is, oh, about two more bedrooms than we actually have right now. Every single person has such different sleep needs that there really is no other rational answer.

The other gem I got today was "it sounds like Iris is ruling the house". And you know what is annoying about that? 1) it is probably true, and 2) I feel like I am one of the most strict mothers I know and STILL my children often are not listening to me and end up doing whatever they want, despite any kind of discipline I use.

I hope you can feel the frustration oozing right off of your screen. If so, you certainly got the intent of the post.

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  1. Hahaha! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. We had major, major bed time issues here for the longest time - some nights we still do - but yeah, the whole 'just put them to bed' thing is a joke when you have a second kid to worry about. I've got enough trouble with one screaming kid, I don't need two!

    Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com


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