Monday, June 06, 2011

When we first snorkeled with sea turtles*

Things started to get really fun on Friday of our Maui vacation. We woke up early (well, early for Maui. Luckily we were all still on PST or, in my mother's case, EST) and headed to Maalea Harbor for our five hour tour (oh man, I can't believe we never ONCE sang the Gilligan's Island song when we were on the boat!) on a boat named Lani Kai. Actually, the boat went to Molokini, which is where pretty much every boat takes passengers to snorkel. Molokini is a volcanic crater that has some great snorkeling, or at least, that's what we were told. You know, it probably wouldn't take much to convince us, being that four of the five of us have never been snorkeling before.

But truly, it was amazing. Crystal clear water and tons of coral and vibrant fish. We bought an underwater camera but all of our pictures look like green murk. Ah, well. We have our memories!

The girls jumped right in to the ocean, no fear whatsoever, outfitted in a wet suit and snorkel gear. They swam all over and had a great time. Later the gal who was the crew member on our boat said the girls were some of the best kids she has seen on the boat, so that was nice to hear!

This is a view as we approached Molokini. Impressive, no?

After snorkeling the girls had a blast going off the slide on the front of the boat. There was a pretty decent drop off at the end of the slide!

All five of us after we had snorkeled and, I think, eaten lunch. The lady in the background was my favorite passenger. She didn't snorkel, I think she was someone's mom who was snorkeling. She just drank a lot and sat in the sun. On the way back to the harbor there was a huge amount of spray hitting the front of the boat and she was the only one up there and getting completely drenched. Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was funny at the time!

One exhausted little girl!

Iris and I. Iris ended up falling asleep on me later in the trip. I don't know that she has ever done that since she was a baby.

Eloise and I. I was a big fan of the self-portrait shots on our trip.

The highlight of the whole boat trip was a pod of spinner dolphins (yes, I had to look up what a group of dolphins was called) that swam up to our boat to play. They swam along the front and the side of the boat spinning along the way. It was absolutely amazing.

This isn't the best shot, but my mom and the girls were laying on these trampoline type things on the front of the boat (it was a catamaran) and could practically have reached down and touched the dolphins that were underneath them. I think there was about 15 or so, it was hard to tell.

And two last pictures that were some of my favorites from that night:

My mom and Eloise walking on the beach.

The sunset was amazing.

*only Iris and I saw a (yes, one lone) sea turtle on our boat trip. Thankfully, there was many more to come in our future!

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