Sunday, July 31, 2011

Missing Summer

I am so glad that the girls and I got a chance to spend time in Michigan and Wisconsin this summer. Aside from all of the obvious reasons (like getting to see friends and family) I enjoyed having what felt like a "real" summer. I have lived in Seattle for ten years this September and I think, finally, the weather is starting to get to me. It's not winter-like in the winter, summer-like in the summer, and well, the seasons are all pretty much varying shades of gray and precipitation. Growing up in the Midwest, we had very distinct seasons, albeit fairly extreme sometimes. I remember a winter of 60 degrees below zero with the wind chill. And days of the upper 90s that crept in to the 100's. For several years I didn't miss those extremes one tiny little bit. Now, I still can't say I miss the extremes, but sometimes it seems like any change is better than none!

This summer in Michigan we had some rockin' heat and humidity. I can't say I could sit outside in it for very long, at a park or on my parents' deck, but we did get to the beach a bunch. Not enough (is it ever enough?) but still a lot! My parents live close to Lake Michigan so we spent time on several different beaches, though our favorite turned out to be the one that was closest, and the smallest.

Some days the lake was choppy with lots of waves. Perfect for Iris and I to body surf (though that was a bad day to wear a bikini!). Some days were very calm and it was easy to let the girls swim away from me a bit before I started panicking that they would get swept away.

The water really wasn't that warm, but what made it tolerable was the air being so warm. Once you went under and came back up you weren't instantly chilled by the air. In fact, once you went under and came back up you were much more comfortable!

I have started to joke (okay, or not really joke at all) that we need to start "summering" in Michigan. I just love it there so, so much. I grew up right on Lake Michigan, though on the Wisconsin side. I think a large part of my heart still resides in the waves of the lake.

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  1. I feel a certain kinship with Lake Superior, too. It was such a part of my childhood and I am always so thankful to have it within my eyesight again.

    So great to see you guys, Sybil. I wish we lived closer. :)


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