Thursday, August 11, 2011

A day at the zoo

On Wednesday the girls and I took a trip down to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. I really love this particular zoo. It is pretty small but it has all sorts of animals that our gigantic zoo in Seattle doesn't have. Plus the aquarium right inside the zoo is a nice bonus, as our aquarium in Seattle is seriously over-priced for what it is (in my humble opinion).

Watching the seals.

The walruses were probably my favorite. They kept swimming in a circle (much like other animals pace their enclosures, I presume) and would rub up against this glass every time they made a pass. The were ENORMOUS. It was amazing to see them up close!

The last time we were at this zoo was days before Iris turned three, so Eloise was almost ten months old. I carried her in the "Pootie Pack" (aka the Sherpani) the whole time. Here we are in the same area those walrus pictures were taken. The last time we were there the Beluga whale was in the spot where the seals are now. The zoo was totally dead (we must have been there before schools let out) and were the only ones watching the Beluga "show". The trainer kept having the whale get us wet as we watched, which we thought was great fun.

My goofy children and a musk ox. Musk oxes are much smaller than I thought they would be.

Eloise as a snail.

Playing on the splash pad.

This is Eloise at ten months sitting next to the splash pad. All together now: "awwwwww!"

Iris at two (days away from three) playing on the splash pad. On this visit she looked gigantic compared to the other kids. In my mind she is still the size she is in this picture.

Checking out the otters. They had just been fed and were being quite amusing right up by the glass until they realized we didn't have any more food to give them, then they ran away. The nerve!

Eloise and an elephant.

Iris standing at almost the same spot the last time we were there.

And the big bonus of the day, a ride on a camel! The camel took TWO passes around a small enclosure, all for the price of $5 per kid! At least this picture will be guaranteed to make it in to the end of the year photo book.

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