Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eloise turns five *sniff*

When my baby wakes up in the morning she will be five. Five. It doesn't hardly seem possible, but there you have it.

Eloise at a couple of weeks old.

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Eloise on her first birthday.

Tonight as I walked with Eloise up to her Kindergarten play date I thought, for maybe the eight millionth time, that she is the coolest kid I know.

In less than a month she will be a Kindergartner. I keep thinking that if she had been born five days late instead of ten days early she wouldn't even get to go to Kindy this year. *sniff* But you know what? She is absolutely ready. *I* am not ready, but she is. I told her that I would send her just for half of the day, she was having no part of that plan. I told her I would home school her, and she was having no part of that plan, either.

Eloise at two.

Eloise is independent, joyful, determined, silly, and she really loves the people she loves. She will run full steam ahead right at you to give you a flying hug right in to your arms, whether you are ready for it or not. On the flip side, if she's angry with you, watch out, because she's going to let you have it. There's no beating around the bush with Eloise.

Eloise at three.

She still asks to be carried. And I still oblige her every chance I can. Pretty soon she will either no longer want to be carried or be way too heavy. It doesn't matter which happens first, I won't be ready. Eloise teeters precariously in that spot between wanting to be as independent as possible and wanting to be a baby. She would go off to high school tomorrow if she could, but she would want me to carry her through the front doors.

I have never met a more animated child in my life. She has impeccable comedic timing and a range of goofy expressions that would make most comedians jealous.

Eloise at four.

Eloise has the uncanny ability to not listen to anything we tell her and just ramble along on her own agenda. It's infuriating, to be sure, but you have to admire her ability to remain lost in her own world despite being hit with a barrage of orders, begs, pleads, threats and bribes.

Eloise just before she turned five.

I absolutely adore my dear Eloise.

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  1. SYBIL! I think I subscribed to too many blogs because you seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle. I quite reading any blogs as often, probably partially due to my own life stresses. I have, however, discovered Google Reader and am loving it so far. I'm using it to thin out my blogs because there are plenty that I don't even want to read (mostly giveaways or old hobbies).

    Glad to have found you again and that baby pic is sooo sweet!


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