Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No longer a preschooler

Eloise had her very last day of preschool last week. It is so bittersweet. I would have written "totally horrible and impossible to comprehend" instead of bittersweet, but, though Eloise LOVED preschool, she is super ready to be a kindergartner. Much more ready than I am for her to be a kindergartner.

The one thing that made it slightly easier was that Iris already had her last day in May, so we got to focus more on Eloise this past week.

Eloise and her teacher.

Her teacher was such an amazing presence in Eloise's life. She guided her from a brand-new three year old with basically zero self-control in to being a confident five year old. Eloise developed such a special bond with her teacher. She was the kind of teacher who just adored the kids and was super communicative with the parents-- which I really appreciated. I am a "more info the better" kinda mom and I loved getting feedback on how Eloise's days went. Every day before we left, Eloise would take off running and leap in to her teacher's arms to get her last hug of the day.

It's kind of funny, because I always thought that Iris's preschool teacher was the very best preschool teacher in the whole wide world. You know what I figured out, though? That Iris's was the very best for HER, but Eloise's was the very best for Eloise. The teachers had pretty different personalities, much like my daughters do, but they were perfectly matched to my children.

I love when that happens.

We are embarking on a school year that is also tailored to two completely different types of children. I am so completely grateful, and will continue to be so, that we have the options that we have in schooling our daughters.

So you know what else my no-longer-a-preschooler has done since her last day?

Well, she went indoor rock climbing with her aunt and uncle (on a side note, Iris and I got to watch their four month old while they were gone!):

Giving it a try.

Learning how to come back down with her uncle.

Eloise's Auntie belaying. See Eloise way up there at the top?

And then tonight she had very first soccer practice. She had NO idea how to play soccer. At first she thought she had to kick the ball through a basketball hoop (I understood her nervousness a bit more after hearing her thoughts on the game). Then she thought they had to kick the ball over a goal post. Thankfully she has a fantastic coach, who is also a friend of ours, and has already learned a bunch about soccer! Including, but not limited to, soccer goals are on the ground.

I am so proud of Eloise. This child absolutely grabs life by the horns.

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