Saturday, August 06, 2011

Update on my weight loss journey

I have something exciting to share: this morning when I stepped on the scale (which I do about every other week or so, nothing terribly obsessive or scheduled) it read 160.2. Waaaaay back in January/February-ish I started a weight loss plan because I wanted to be "bikini ready" for our trip to Maui, which we went on at the end of May. I had written a bit on my blog about how deeply frustrated I was that I had been working out five days a week and obsessively counting calories on My Fitness Pal but my weight, nor my body size, was budging.

In April I met with a naturopath and started some of my own research, which I wrote about a bit in these posts HERE and HERE. My ND did some tests and discovered that I did have wacky adrenal gland function and since May I have been on a supplement regimen (no medications, however) and have been taking everything diligently. The goal was basically to gently encourage my body back towards an equilibrium. We had hoped that it would address all sorts of issues for me, but for the sake of this post, I will focus on the weight loss. A very basic explanation is that adrenal imbalance can lead to weight gain and difficulty losing weight (among many other things).

I started taking Vitamin D, Iron, a B-complex, fish oils, acidophillus and a product called Seriphos every day (that link is just the first one I came across, I don't use that site). The Seriphos is specifically for adrenal support and everything else is for that and a few other things I was having issues with.

So fast forward to the end of my Maui vacation. I started my weight loss journey at 176, when weighed at the doctor's office. Like I said, between late January and May I was vigorous in trying to lose weight. By the time Maui came around I was about 172. Within the next five weeks I was down to about 163. Then I was in WI/MI for three weeks and have been home for almost two weeks. In MI I did a bit of working out, no where near what I try to do at home, and mostly ate like a starving person (even when I was already full). Literally there were days I ate about a dozen of my aunt's cookies. When I got home I was still 163. Folks, I couldn't believe it. I told myself I hoped I had only gained five pounds on the trip.

I have weighed myself once since I got back and then again today. And today I am at 160 (.2). In the past two weeks I have done my serious, ass-kicking fitness class one night and then a few walks and I "ran" the four blocks of stairs near my house once, doing the whole set five times. So, about three days a week of workouts, but relatively decent workouts each time. I have sort of watched what I have eaten, but I haven't counted calories and every single day have had some sort of treat pretty much devoid of nutrition.

This week I put on my "skinny shorts" which were the smallest pair of shorts I have ever owned as an adult. I feel like I'm about 15 years too old to wear them, but gosh darn it, they fit! And my legs are tanned! So I'm wearing them!

Things that I own that are a size 10 are getting too loose. I don't know if/when I have ever worn an eight. I am looking forward to seeing how that feels!

Lately I have started to think about where I want to stop, when I will feel as if I reached my goal. My goal is not a size two, in fact, a size eight or 10 is just fine with me. What I really want, honestly, is to have a flatter stomach. Okay, smaller boobs would be great, but exercise and weight loss only goes so far in that department. So whenever my stomach is not so lumpy bumpy, then I'll switch over to maintenance mode.

I should probably add I don't really know what maintenance mode will look like, yet. I feel like I'm at a really solid place of eating well, but not depriving myself of treats, and am exercising at an amount that feels good and not excessive. So I'll figure that out when the time comes.

For now I just enjoy that my body is responding to my efforts and I'm at my smallest size in well over eight years!

****For anyone who is wondering about the test I did for my adrenal glands, I did this test through Diagnos-Techs (the first link is a little simpler and more clear, the second link has more info). I was tested for cortisol rhythm, progesterone levels, DHEA and insulin. The test also included one for gluten sensitivity, which came back negative for me. I had to pay for the test myself, which was $120. WELL worth the money, because it gave me the answers I needed. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about that test, I will see if I can answer them!


  1. I am so happy that you got stuff figured out, Sybil. You look amazing and it's easy to see you feel that way, too. :)

  2. wow! that's awesome! so what did you need to do to be tested for adrenal malfunction? kinda wondering if that might be going on with me too... my hormones and body seem all kinds of messed up lately and despite working out 6 days a week all winter, the lbs aren't really coming off. help!


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