Friday, September 02, 2011

Here we go again!

Just when I had rid our home of every special gluten-free ingredient and cookbook, not to mention shedding my gluten-free mindset, we once again have a gluten sensitive family member.

About one week ago I took Iris in to see my naturopath about Iris's behavior issues and anxiety. I didn't know exactly what she would do, but one of her first thoughts was to test Iris for food allergies. It was a "simple" finger prick and then the doctor filled in a few circles on a special form with the blood which was then sent to the lab. I say "simple" because pretty much anything ouchy with an anxious child isn't ever simple.

The results showed that Iris was reacting to eggs and gluten. Oh, dear. Even when I was gluten-free I still had lots of eggs, especially in baked goods.

To be honest I sooooooooo (add a few thousand more "o"s) don't want to go through this hassle again! But you know what? I am also pretty excited/interested to see what it will do to Iris to eliminate these ingredients from her diet. I honestly think Iris is excited, too. She is old enough now to understand why we are trying this and is, frankly, fed up feeling the way she has been. She wants to find an answer, too.

We are going to start after the weekend, I think. That should give me time to get some snacks together and other ingredients like pasta and bread. It will also give me time to start researching GF/EF recipes.

Wish us luck! And please share any tips/food suggestions/recipes you might have if you have eliminated eggs and gluten from your diet, too!


  1. Sybil - Check out Elana's Pantry. Lots of vegan GF recipes using almond flour or coconut flour. It's expensive (almond flour) but so are other GF flours and frankly they don't have as much nutritional value as almond flour.

    My cousin sells non-organic blanched almond flour straight from his ranch in Central California if you want a good source.

    I love this recipe though I sub in coconut oil and maple syrup for grapeseed oil and agave. I use the big dark chocolate bars chopped up from TJs.

    Also check out the Spunky Coconut. She has two daughters and I think the are DF as well.

  2. Ouch. I would be very challenged to find good recipes both gluten and egg free. But on the flipside, it is so good that you can find an answer and help your daughter through something so 'simple', love your blog, will pop in again. X ashley


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