Monday, September 05, 2011

I will make it through this week, right?

Just humor me and say, "yes, of course" or at least, "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!"

Tomorrow Iris starts her gluten-free/egg-free diet. We are doing it for at least 3-4 weeks, but, well, her blood tests indicate she is sensitive to these things, so I don't really foresee an end to this change. Today I made a loaf of GF/EF bread, according to a recipe on Gluten-Free Goddess (I would link, but I am on a crappy laptop that takes three hours to load a new web page). It didn't rise at all, which I will attribute to my yeast (though the yeast appeared to be working just fine). If you have ever done GF baking, you will know how expensive and time-consuming it is. Throwing anything away is terribly sad. I also made pumpkin cupcakes, a recipe I have made before but this time I used egg replacer, which are a little flat. I made Iris a bunch of other snacks and researched a bunch of recipes to help kick off the new diet. But it is crazy overwhelming. I am praying to god we see obvious improvements by eliminating these ingredients.

Wednesday Eloise starts kindergarten. Oh, my. I can't even wrap my head around it. There is nothing more to say on that front on account of my brain unable to process it.

Thursday I start home school with Iris. Luckily her first day is a "class day" as she is doing two days a week with a small Waldorf home school group. Friday we start at home, though. I drew up an elaborate schedule of how our weeks will look, It is probably a laughable schedule to, well, just about anyone, but I decided I needed something to start with. We will give it a go. School will be Mon-Fri from 9:30 to 2:00. Before 9:30 is "chore time" and we pick up Eloise from school at 2:30, so we won't really do any home school after Eloise is home.

Today I realized that I am going to have to get a paying job ASAP. I don't have a resume yet (it will be pretty pathetic with that whole 5 1/2 year SAHM gap and all) nor do I know when I will even have time to work, but I will figure it out. So, between the schools and the new diet and everything else on my usual plate, I will figure it out.

It kind of makes me want to pull the covers over my head and call it a day. Or a week. Or a year.


  1. We have one GF person and one egg/soy free and low carb person over here. I don't really do GF baking unless its a special occasion- we generally stick to sweets that are GF on their own (puddings, custards, ice cream, smoothies, rice pudding). Meals are usually meat + vegetables and thankfully no one has limited dairy or I'd struggle more. Snacks are fruit, sliced meats, cheeses, and raw vegetables with various dips (hummus, ranch dressing) Tonight we had beef/cabbage/carrot stir fry over rice. Tomorrow night we'll have some Indian food (saag paneer, a chickpea curry). The next we'll have a roast with whatever vegetables are fresh from the market.

    What curriculum are you using with Iris? I'm a tad taken aback by the amount of time you have set aside for school for a child so young! We started out school year in July and its 30-45min/day at most (for kindergarten). I see that increasing as she learns to read, but also at least some of it will be self directed, not led by me at that stage.

  2. Sorry you are dealing with dietary stuff again. Luckily she's not eating mystery foods at school, lol.

    I'd shy away from trying to make her do school that many hours a day. You will both end up miserable. Are you doing lots of hands on stuff?

  3. Thank you for your input!
    I was going to do FIAR with her but we are basically only at home on our own two days a week. I have a math workbook and a language arts book to work through and then we are going to do science, geography and history independently.
    It might sound like a lot of hours (though it doesn't to me, at school she would be there for six hours five days a week) but that includes lunch and independent reading and writing time. Iris absolutely loves reading and writing stories so that is a structured break for her.
    I also need to pay special attention to what the 2nd graders at the public schools are learning because I don't want any major gaps in her education when she heads back to school for 3rd grade. At least, that is the plan she and I have!


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