Thursday, September 08, 2011

A kindergartener and a second grader!

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a lot going on this week. Amazingly, everything is going swimmingly!

Eloise started Kindergarten on Wednesday. On Tuesday she stated that "tomorrow will be the best day of my life!" and you know, while maybe not the very very best ever, it probably ranked pretty high up there.

Eloise and I before her first day of school. Taken by Iris.

Matt, Iris and I walked Eloise to school. I took a cool photo of the girls walking up the ginormous flight(s) of stairs that separate our house from the new school, but my phone seems to have deleted every picture I took that morning! We have never counted the stairs, but it is a serious workout to hike them.

At school Eloise got settled and the families got to sit around while the teacher led the kids in a short circle time and then the families took off. At pick up Eloise said that recess was her favorite part of the day. Of course! While we walked home we got to gorge ourselves on the blackberries growing along the stairs.

After school I took the girls to an outdoor pool, we were so glad one was still open with the 80+ degree weather we have been having. Then we high-tailed it home (or rather, crawled along in Seattle's rush hour) to get Eloise to her soccer practice. So, yeah, pretty darn good first day!

Iris and Eloise before Eloise's first day of school. Taken by me.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with Eloise's teacher, school, parents, kids, principal, etc etc? Cause I am. Eloise's teacher is perfect. Perfect for her and perfect for me, too. She is super communicative, which I love in a teacher. She is even fine with Iris coming with me to volunteer in the classroom! I am so happy about that, because I am also so happy about the fact that I even get to volunteer in the first place.

Iris and I before Eloise's first day of school. Taken by Eloise.

Side note, have you read this blog post by Teacher Tom? He mentions in this post that the number one predictor of a child's success in school is parental involvement. He then goes on to speculate on how to get more parents volunteering at schools, particularly schools with a higher population of lower income families. Want to know what he thinks should be done? Go read the post! Then follow his blog, because it is amazing.

Today was Iris's first day of her home school Waldorf class. The teacher arranged for the group to do a rose ceremony, which I gather is a Waldorf tradition. We sang a song, the teacher told a story about a princess and a prince (with a cliffhanger!) and the kids walked under a rainbow scarf to receive a real rose, which symbolized . . . well, I think it symbolized the beginning of this journey. I am so darn new to Waldorf, I pretty much have no clue why most things are done the way they are, but I am learning! Iris seemed to be comfortable at the ceremony, which was good.

I did take a picture of Iris, and her teacher and classmates, after the rose ceremony, but I don't have permission from any of them to post their picture here, so I won't. I wish I would have gotten one of just Iris!

After the class was over, however, Iris came out of the classroom and was immediately acting angry with me. As is usual, I couldn't figure out if anything happened at school, or what else she was angry about. She did say the day was "good" and that the kids were "nice" which, for Iris, is about all you will get.

I am hoping nothing but positive things about her class. I like her teacher quite a bit and the other kids and families seem so wonderful. It is just so tricky with Iris, I just pray the teacher can handle her trouble spots and nurture her wonderful ones. Time will tell on this front, but I do have good feelings. Tenuous, but good.

Tomorrow we start our work together at home and Iris says she is very excited to work on her math and language arts books. She has even been looking through them on her own and telling me things she already knows. It will be a short Friday for us, easing our way in to working together. Next week will be Iris's, and Eloise's, first full "real" week of schooling.


  1. Parents play such an important role in a child's education, she is blessed that you will be present. I teach at a family school and love that the parents help in the classroom and are seen and heard by all. Happy weekend to you. x ashley

  2. Great post S! I must remember to read my RSS feed more often. :)


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