Sunday, September 25, 2011

Please come check out my new blog

Yes, I need another blog like I need a hole in the head, but alas, here I am.

I decided I needed to write an blog independent of this one that is focused on this year of schooling Iris and Eloise. In my admittedly limited research there is a lack of information online about what it is like to school children in the same family in completely different ways.

I also think there is a severe bias in the homeschool community that believes that kids who aren't homeschooled are somehow missing out on something. Interestingly, there also is a fairly prevalent belief in the public schooling community that homeschooled kids are also missing out. What *I* believe is that there is no one way to educate children that is the right solution for all of them, even children who live in the same family.

I just posted my very first post on my new blog this evening, but I am hoping to go back and start catching up on some background info about how we got to where we are and also talk a little bit more about how our year is starting out and where it looks like it is going. I hope to include personal stories as well as report on information that I come across on the internet about public schooling, homeschooling and maybe a few things in between.

Follow along, won't you?

The Schooling Bridge.

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