Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And a box of ladies, on channel eighty*

I have now celebrated a decade of birthdays in Seattle. Guess this year will be kind of like that-- a decade of marking all sorts of things I started when I moved here. It is interesting to me that pretty much nothing in my life now connects back to where I was in my life when I started on a new path 2,000 miles from home. A decade ago I ate Thai food for my birthday dinner . . . wait! I ate Thai food tonight, too! Okay, maybe not totally different.

This morning Iris really wanted to make me breakfast in bed. I asked Matt to steer her towards letting me order a breakfast and I ate it at the table. It was one of those things that completely threw off my morning routine, but it was so darn cute how excited she was, I wanted her to know I appreciated her effort.

As a gift I decided to buy myself a new pair of running shoes so I went to a local running store and had them fit me for the right ones. My pickiness meant I had to special order a pair, so it will be nice to try those out when they arrive.

Today I was wondering if I am yet in the best shape of my life. I might have been in better shape when I did the Danskin Triathlon in 2001, but I was also ten years younger, so what I lacked in strength I made up for in sheer ignorance of my limits.

Good lord, I am getting old.

But this year I want to truly hit that spot where I am, without question, stronger and healthier than ever before. I am very, very new to running but I thought it would be fun to have a medium term goal of running a 10K. My thoughts skitted over to a 1/2 marathon, but whoa nelly, I can run a 5K now if I push myself to almost puking, so a 1/2 marathon is a pipe dream at this point. I also want to do just one real push-up. Just one! It is amazing how hard I work out and still can't do a damn push-up. It's like my arms are immune to strength training.

Anyways, I need something active, something to release my stress, and exercise is good. Did you know that it has been shown that exercise has at least the same success rate for treating depression as drugs? I don't have depression (just pointing that out. Going insane? Likely. But not depressed.) I still want to get back in to writing eventually, but every mother knows we are lucky to get any time at all for ourselves, let alone enough to do everything we wish we could!

So, yep. Another year older. Hopefully wiser, but who knows. I am not convinced that is always how it works.

*this morning Eloise's class sang me an extendo version of the birthday song and this is how she mis-sang a line from it. Too adorable!


  1. w00t w00t! happy birthday! i hear you on the fitness goals, i had this same convo in my head recently... was i stronger/fast five years ago or was i just younger and pre-kids? i think i am getting to the point where i could say i am in better shape then i was then, but maybe in a different way? i dunno. i do know that i can run further and faster than i did then, and that's something! and go for that 1/2 marathon by the way... you can totally do it if you take it slow and train well :)

  2. Happy birthday! Glad you were pampered on your day!

    You sound so fit. I've started jogging again but it's hard to fit in around nap schedules of a young baby. I wonder if I should look for a used jogging stroller once he's old enough to use it. Then I can be one of those cool parents out on Alki, yes?


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