Saturday, October 08, 2011

Apple Picking!

Oh, you are so in luck! A post with pictures, finally!

Yesterday the girls and I went apple picking. It was a long drive through a lot of rain, but we were lucky enough to get a couple of hours of overcast but dry skies when we were at the farm.

I just realized, none of our pictures are actually of picking the apples. Know why? Because I did that part. Well, that and we didn't get that many, only about 22 pounds. I am not a baker or canner, so most of these apples will be eaten raw-- which is just fine by us, but also means that we won't go through them very quickly.
Apple picking was clearly more for the experience than the need for apples. I certainly wouldn't have had to drive two hours each way just for apples!
Eloise rode in the cart most of the time. She was tired, apparently.
Our apples were beeeee-utiful!
Most of the apples we picked were Liberty (a McIntosh cross, and McIntosh are my very favorite. We used to pick those up in Door County, WI when I was a wee girl).
The highlight of the apple picking trip began after we were done picking. There were some fun activities for kids to do scattered around the barn, like a good old fashioned tired swing.

The teeter-totter (or is it see-saw?) was a hit. Iris and Eloise both took turns riding with the farmer's five year old son. The girls had so much fun playing with him and as soon as we left were asking when we could go back for a playdate.
A pedal-powered tractor was a big hit with Eloise.
It can be tricky finding activities like this when you live in a big city. Most farms that we can visit are basically just a mobbed tourist attraction complete with with jacked up prices. Not this place. It was nicely set up for visitors, but it wasn't full of people on a cloudy Friday afternoon.

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