Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So, so sore

Ever since last winter I have been more serious about weight loss and my overall level of fitness. In late June of last summer I enrolled in a "bootcamp" type fitness class, where an instructor leads a group of us through a pretty rigorous one hour workout. We did sprints, stair and hill climbs, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and tons more. The workouts are really intense but the best part of them is that we do them outdoors in a park overlooking Elliott Bay with the sounds of seals barking in the distance.

Last night, to make up for a missed bootcamp, I attended another class led by my bootcamp instructor. This class was a running clinic, for people who are working on improving their running skills. Let me first be clear: I am not a runner. I haven't really run since I did the Danskin triathlon in 2001, and even then the most I ever ran in a stretch was maybe three or four miles. I was a little nervous about the class, but I figured I could at least do some of it.

The instructor had us run from the top to the bottom of a road with a pretty decent grade (I looked it up, it's a 6% grade, with an elevation change of 165 feet!) and then back to the top, and then back to the bottom . . . . and then race to beat the person in front of you to the top again! Overall it was about a 5K run. I have to admit, I thought I was going to die on the last run to the top. BUT, I still made it. I was crazy proud of myself!

I am going to start going to the running class and my regular bootcamp class every week for the next few weeks. Maybe I will make a runner out of myself after all?

But this morning, I have a sort of overall soreness. Not just my legs, but everywhere. It's okay, I have begun to sort of cherish the soreness because then I know I really worked hard. (side note: it's not a "I hurt myself or pushed myself way too hard" sore, but more of a "oh, yeah, those muscles worked hard!" sore.)

Ever since I got my adrenals back in to balance (naturally!) I have reeeeeally enjoyed watching my efforts to lose weight pay off. Since May I have lost about 16-17 pounds. I don't really have a goal in mind, but more an overall feel about my body that I am working for. I keep hoping something will happen with my post-babies tummy, but so far not much luck. I haven't counted calories in a pretty long time, though I am overall conscientious about calories in the food choices I make. I definitely eat treats a few times a week, but I must have a decent enough exercise schedule to make up for it as my weight is still slowly decreasing.

This post is getting long, but I wanted to close with one more idea rattling around in my head. I don't consider myself someone who has a problem with emotional eating, but I definitely do sometimes struggle with my head and my gut not agreeing with how much food I should eat. One thing I have learned in my weight loss endeavors is that I really need less food, and get full much faster, than I realized. Like most people, I enjoy eating. It's frustrating to me to eat a small plate of something and feel full so quickly. So I keep eating, because I like the act of eating. And then I get really full and I don't feel good. This is something I am trying to work harder on, but it's really very much a mind game. Like last night, after my awesome run, I came home super hungry and made myself a two egg omelet with veggies, two sausages, feta and a side of one piece of toast. I only needed about 1/2 of what I made, I was satisfied and full after I ate half. But did I stop eating? Heck no! I finished it. And then I felt terrible.
But, hopefully, if I can wrangle my mind around being able to run, then I can wrangle my mind around not eating so much, right? Right? Let's hope so.


  1. If you lay on the ground and tighten your ab muscles and poke your belly button is there muscle there or nothing? I have nothing. It is called diastasis and its where your ab muscles split apart due to pregnancy. There's a book called lose your mummy tummy that has some exercises that are supposed to help. Basically you suck your gut in all-the-time and never do a sit up again. Or surgery can fix it... Anyway it is really common and if you do have it, no amount of weight loss will completely get rid of the tummy. It is kind of depressing. But hopefully you don't have that problem.

    Congratulations on getting fit! That work out sounds brutal. My philosophy has always been the more you exercise the more you can eat. ;)

  2. I've been thinking about that overeating thing, too. Sam & I were just talking about how we're lifelong members of the clean plate club, and as much as we don't want that to spill over into our children's consciousness (we try not to nag at Mikko to finish his plate, for instance), we can't help ourselves when it comes to finishing whatever portion we've served up for ourselves. Such a mind trip. It just feels wrong not to eat the whole plate of food.

    But, I've also been thinking about how, personally, I ignore my hunger levels so much, to the point that I'm worried I might be permanently out of tune with them. As you described, I'll eat beyond what feels good and then feel yucky — but I do it again the next time. I don't know. One of those eating competence things, I suppose, and I don't have that. I'm reading some of Ellyn Satter's books right now to see if there's anything there that can help — they're aimed at parents feeding kids, but I figure I'm remedial so I can pretend I'm both the parent and the kid in this equation. ;)


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