Sunday, October 02, 2011

What is up besides school stuff

Eloise is playing on a soccer team for the first time with six other five year olds. Our friend is coaching the team and Eloise's best friend, the coach's daughter, is also on the team. Eloise is mostly having a lot of fun with it, though her spirits were low after getting through the first game and not scoring a goal.

Today, though? She scored her very first goal! She was absolutely beaming, we were all so proud of her. It has been surprisingly tough for her to get in there and kick the ball, so I suspect that now that she has scored a goal her morale will be greatly improved. A U6 soccer game is mostly a bunch of kids just swarming around the ball as much as possible. They don't have goalies or (technically) keep score, they're just out there to get a feel for the game and have fun.

Their team picture was also done today and we ordered a set of trading cards with Eloise's picture on them. They are going to be crazy cute!

Iris has spent a lot of time with one her closest friends lately. I really like this one friend, in particular, because when Iris is alone with her they get along so perfectly (add in Eloise and it's a whole 'nother story!). After all the struggle we've had this week with Iris's Waldorf class I was so glad that Iris had some fun, stress-free time with a good friend this weekend.

This week we also challenged gluten and eggs for Iris and guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. That's right, nada, zero, zip. I am interested in talking to the ND about this and what it means. If Iris had a blood test indicating that she was sensitive to gluten and eggs but we don't see an obvious reaction to them, is it okay to let her have them? I am hoping so. It sure makes life easier for all of us!

I wonder how common that is, though, to show a reaction on a blood test and then none at all when you challenge those foods.

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  1. When I went to Bastyr last year to talk about the possibility of food allergies the ND told me that there is a high chance the blood tests are inaccurate and she said she uses them as a starting point but only an elimanation can really show what the food allergies/intolerances are.


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